The Key of Delight (Sep 22 – Sep 26 2019)

Seriousness Delight – Ecstasy

Magical Hologenetic Gene Keys Geometry

SIDDHI: Ecstasy (46) is Unity (2) through Clarity (57)
GIFT: Delight (46) is Orientation (2) through Intuition (57)
SHADOW: Seriousness (46) is Dislocation (2) through Unease (57)

This week Gene Keys 46, 2, and 57  interwoven.

Sep 22 through Sep 26 2019

Gene Key 46


A Science Of Luck

“We might wonder how a genius for delight has use in the business world, the modern world and what it means. It means that we’re desperately needed, that we bring perspective to everything. Wherever there’s deep attachment and seriousness our presence and wisdom brings things down to the heart of the matter. Why are we here? There are many possible answers to that question, but surely one of them is to appreciate life, to enjoy ourselves.

A master of living life well is a rare phenomenon. How often do we meet such a person? We’re so focused on task-oriented living, on skills and projects and endeavours, but the 46th Gift isn’t focused there. They may be involved in all of those things, but their priority is to bring a light touch to everything they do, and good fortune into the world. The 46th Gift is a great Gift of love, and lives through the heart. It’s fluent in the language of emotion but never overwhelmed by emotion. It loves dialogue, connection, touch, laughter, good food, and good living. It loves wine. I mean that. A 46th Gene Key that cannot enjoy the fruits of the earth, even in very small measures, is no true 46th Gift.”

The 46th Way, the Gift of Delight





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