The Key of Commitment (Aug 18 – Aug 23 2019)

Half-heartedness  – Commitment – Devotion 

Magical Hologenetic Gene Keys Geometry

SIDDHI: Deep Dive into Devotion
GIFT: Commitment to Follow the River
SHADOW: Half-Heartedness Leads to Danger

This week Gene Keys 29 – no intertwined Geometry – only Water.

Aug 18 through Aug 23 2019

Gene Key 29


Leaping Into The Void

So much of the genius of this Gene Key is about letting go of expectations. We are all on a mystery ride. We may think a decision will lead in one direction, but it ends up leading in another quite different one. All humans have this 29th Gene Key inside us that’s attuned to our level of commitment, and that fluctuates. The more we’re anchored in the higher frequency of our heart, the less we need to think our way in or out of situations in our life. There are no incorrect decisions in life. The 29th Gift inside each of us knows this above all, and it gives us a vast sense of inner freedom. The funny thing is that as we begin to taste this freedom, we realise how little external conditions have to do with true fulfilment. When we realise that, we no longer postpone our lives either by hopping from one thing to another or by staying somewhere that no longer serves us. We simply smile, and give ourselves continuously to every living moment. That is true commitment.

The 29th Way, the Gift of Commitment






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  1. Jan Neagle says:

    I love reading the Gene Keys, my son suggested I start reading them.
    Brings out emotions…


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