The Key of Authority (Mar 31 – Apr 4 2019)

Control – Authority – Valour

Magical Hologenetic Gene Keys Geometry

SIDDHI: Valour (21) is Rapturous (30) Awakening (51)
GIFT: Authority (21) is Lightness (30) with Initiative (51)
SHADOW: Control (21) is Desiring (30) Agitation (51)

This week Gene Keys 21, 30 and 51 interwoven.

March 31 through April 4 2019

Gene Key 21

A Noble Life

“The challenge for every human being is to find their true inner authority. I like that the word authority contains the word ‘author’. What is the story we’re here to tell? What voice wants to emerge from our depths and lead others out of the darkness toward the light? Out of the morass of the Shadow, with its issues of control and being controlled, this inner light of our true authority will begin to emerge one day. Authority comes from openness – an open mind and an open heart – because only this openness is willing to relinquish control.

The paradox of this Gift is that when one finds the strength to overcome the Shadow, it comes from giving up control, rather than asserting control. We allow the greater power inside us to shine forth, and this power is our natural nobility. Every human has an in-built nobility of spirit. Life calls it out of us. Our destiny, our dharma is permanently calling it out.”

The 21st Way, the Gift of Authority


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