The Key of Aspiration (Jan 6 – Jan 10)

Greed – Aspiration – Ascension

Jan 6 through Jan 10 2019

Gene Key 54

The Serpent Path

“Ascension has to be earned, and there are people out there toting it as something we can get through a few workshops. Real Ascension is achieved only through lifetimes of hard toil, intense effort and sadhana – spiritual labour.

The process of Ascension concerns the highest levels of refinement. Each step along the way is so important. We can’t skip a single step. Every difficult experience that life brings us must be passed through and transformed inside us, in our heart.

Ascension is given only very rarely to those subtle orchids that have refined their human energies over much time, and along the way lost all their hard edges. The greed isn’t transcended, it’s simply softened, like wind-blasted rocks that become all smooth and feminine.

To ascend beyond the human form is to enter into the Divine Tenderness of the great Mother. The journey there is so masculine because we have to be a warrior and so determined. We have to sacrifice everything along the way. Finally just before the peak, we realise we’ve become this pure yin essence. It’s kind of a joke that one extreme gives way to its opposite.”

– The 54th Way, the Siddhi of Ascension

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