The Key of Inspiration (Jan 11 – Jan 16 2019)

Psychosis – Inspiration – Sanctity

Jan 11 through Jan 16 2019

Gene Key 61

The Holy of Holies

“Generally, when we look around, we aren’t seeing a world created by the heart, but rather one by the mind. This is our civilisation, that has come about through greed, lust for power and fear of death.

Imagine how different the world might be if we remembered what lay beyond death. We would quickly realise that we’re accountable for our every act, thought, word and deed. There’s no escaping Justice.

To find wisdom we have to give up knowledge. Wisdom is alive, vibrant, wild, spontaneous, illogical, paradoxical. Anyone can gain knowledge, but few become wise.

So be gentle with yourself but crystal clear about your mind. It isn’t the enemy, but it isn’t here to protect you either. We tend to use it to make ourselves feel safer, but if we don’t feel safe it’s because we aren’t accustomed to states beyond the mind. This is why the Gene Keys takes us there gradually, showing us how to open our heart softly and slowly, so that the higher frequencies can change us over time.”

– The 61st Way, the Shadow of Psychosis

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