The Key of Ascension (Jan 6 – Jan 11 2020)

Greed – Aspiration – Ascension 

Magical Hologenetic Gene Keys Geometry

SIDDHI: Ascension (54) is the Awakening (51) of Bliss (58) 
GIFT: Aspiration (54) is the Initiative (51) of Vitality (58)
SHADOW: Greed (54) is the Agitation (51) of Dissatisfaction (58)

This week Gene Keys 54, 51, and 58 interwoven.

Jan 6 through Jan 11 2020

Gene Key 54


The Serpent Path

“Greatness is a question of play. It has nothing to do with what anyone else thinks. It has nothing to do with technique or talent. Without the higher vision of service, personal ambition is essentially a form of corruption. It robs a part of the world.

You will find this truth in every single Gene Key. Take the 54th Gene Key for example. You can see its ambition. But that ambition is the Shadow that must become a higher version of itself as Aspiration – that is the 54th Gift. It brings in the wonderful notion of the breath – to aspire alongside others – this collective breath, to aspire to greatness. And to aspire, you have to breathe in this question of service. How can I be of service?
Of course the Siddhi of the 54th Gene Key shows us the rest of the journey. Ascension – you carry your life onto a whole other plane. So your Life’s Work is really to answer this single question. What is the highest service that my life can offer to the whole? The Gene Key of your whole Life’s Work will give you that vision. The Siddhi will show you how to overcome the obstacle, the Shadow. The Gift will show you the actual work you have to do. So each Gene Key gives you the vision of your own becoming. This is what your life is to become…”

– The 54th Way, the Siddhi of Ascension





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  1. Raymond Boeri says:

    I’ve been a student of The Gene Keys for 2.5 years, and through its teachings I’ve been learning to open up to the ineffable beauty that I AM and everyone on Earth IS…

    Although I remain “undecided” as to whether or not Ascension is a rising up into selflessness, or a Descension of Spirit Light into matter, the “attainment” of the “end-product”…the acknowledgement of the individuated Divinity of every incarnate and no-longer-incarnate human being ….may be the ultimate feeling to experience while alive. The Gene Keys have been the tools of self-realization for me.

    Thank you for the beautiful inspiration that The Gene Keys are…

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