The Key of Artfulness (Dec 9 – Dec 14)

Pride – Artfulness – Invisibility

Dec 9 through Dec 14 2018

Gene Key 26

Sacred Tricksters

“There are forces in the universe that are literally waiting for us to engage them. There are vast forces for good, forces of Grace. Great changes are made up of many, many tiny changes, invisible changes. The 26th Siddhi begins with the invisible. The invisible is indivisible. The invisible is infinite. God is invisible. We can’t see the whole without becoming the whole. How can the part know the whole unless it surrenders its tiny identity into the ocean? It has gone far beyond the notion of reward. Its reward is its utter surrender into the benevolence of the One.

Consider how to be an invisible force for good. Contemplate that. How to avoid the limelight? How to use our magician’s tricks to have the light fall on someone else, someone that needs it. Then smile secretly to yourself. You did this. No one will ever know it but you and the Lords of Karma. This is the most beautiful of Siddhis. It often plays out through the masters – we don’t understand their behaviour. We don’t see past the tricks they use, but the true master has his or her own reasons for doing or saying things.”

– The 26th Way, the Siddhi of Invisibility

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