The Key of Anticipation (Jan 22 – Jan 27 2019)

Fantasy – Anticipation – Emanation

Jan 22 through Jan 27 2019

Gene Key 41

The Prime Emanation

“We have to give up our power, our identity and every attachment we have to the outcome of the story. The story can then use us to find its own perfect ending.

One day we’ll return to the source. It won’t happen because of anything we do but because our particular story has found its way home. All we can do is follow the Emanation. We think we’re travelling into the future, but we’re really travelling back to the beginning.

One day, all our dreams will come true, and all those we’ve loved will become merged within our heart. We’ll realise that we’ve never died, nor has anyone. It’s all been the most wonderful dream, and the greatest paradox is that if we hadn’t been asleep in the first place, we would never have even heard it!”

– The 41st Way, the Siddhi of Emanation

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