The Key of Altruism (Apr 22 – Apr 27 2019)

Selfishness – Altruism – Selflessness

Magical Hologenetic Gene Keys Geometry

SIDDHI: Selflessness (27) is Stillness (52) Awakening (51)
GIFT: Altruism (27) is Restrained (52) Initiative (51)
SHADOW: Selfishness (27) is Stressful (52) Agitation (51)

This week Gene Keys 27, 52 and 51 interwoven.

April 22 through April 27 2019

Gene Key 27

Food Of The Gods

We heal through our higher purpose, and we heal the planet through our collective higher purpose. Humanity is unique because we alone can destroy our planet, and we alone can heal it. There’s a huge global movement towards sustainability, towards a way of life that’s rooted in higher values and ethics. Even in the cut-throat world of business, the ultimate domain of selfishness, the idea of social responsibility is flowing everywhere. A new dawn is approaching for humanity, and the 27th Gift is at the heart of the matter.

We all need to get on this wave and ride it. We all need to find our higher purpose. We need to locate its vibration inside us and let it radiate within the cells of our being. We need to let it flow into our relationships, and then into our work and actions. We’ll instantly begin to prosper. Giving releases the currents of healing. It heals us, and it heals the whole. Giving of ourself out of the joy of our heart, out of the generosity of our inner being – that’s true power. That’s what will move mountains. Make no mistake about the power of this Gene Key – it will transform our world.

The 27th Way, the Gift of Altruism



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