The Key of Adventure (June 2 – June 7 2019)

Hunger – Adventure – Boundlessness

Magical Hologenetic Gene Keys Geometry

SIDDHI: Boundlessness (35) is Rapturous (30) Unity (2)
GIFT:  Adventure (35) is Light (30) Orientation (2)  
SHADOW: Hunger (35) is Desiring (30) Dislocation (2)

This week Gene Keys 35, 30  and 2 interwoven.

June 2 through June 7 2019

Gene Key 35

Wormholes and Miracles

The secret is adventure, and true adventure can only be based upon love. Adventure is what happens when the human spirit breaks free from the mind. Adventure is a state of being that comes from the realisation of the oneness of all being. Adventure is not yet immersion in that oneness, but it is what it feels like to swim within that oneness. Oneness cannot be known mentally, even though it can be logically deduced. Oneness can only be felt when enough serotonin is produced within our bodies.

 To live with an open heart is to live in a perpetual state of adventure. Adventure means that there is still some fear inside you, but you have reached a frequency that you know is high enough to outwit that fear. “

The 35th Gene Key, the Gift of Adventure



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