This mandala came to me while I was reading the 44th Gene Key, its Siddhi being Synarchy. Richard talks about how bees work together in perfect synarchy, serving the Queen. There is a sense of hierarchy that is circular, rather than linear, with each member being acutely aware of the others, creating a Oneness. This perfect unity has the ability to awaken our core fractals— The Enlightened Masters. This transmission, in its deep simplicity, gave me a glimpse of our innate, Divine potential. When we reach this level of Oneness as a species, dropping our individual egos, all interference from our sacred wounds will unwind, or fall like Dominoes, bringing us into higher states of being.

“The awakening of a core fractal essentially involves the death of the illusion of its individuality.” ~ Richard Rudd


Harmony Grace / Helyn Dunn

Greetings fellow travelers of light! My name is Helyn Dunn (aka Harmony Grace). The transmission of the Gene Keys found me in 2017 and opened a new artistic portal to my previous awareness. I’ve always loved art and have dabbled in many mediums but since starting my Golden Path, various forms of artistic expression have been pouring out of me in a rather unstoppable way! I am a published poet and have written several screenplays. I also enjoy sound healing with Tibetan and crystal bowls, crystal energy healing and meditation. I am a vegan chef and recipe creator, having shared over 700 whole food, plant-based recipes on my blog.

I currently reside in the Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina USA with my valorous and beautiful husband, two kitties, and a plethora of benevolent devas on our 21 acres of forested land. It is truly heavenly here. Our mountains contain a lot of crystal… just being here is healing, inspiring and consciousness-expanding. I hope to reach many seekers with my art, my words and my food in a way that contributes to the evolution of the new energies now gracing our beautiful planet, Gaia.

With abundant love, light and gratitude!


  1. Love love love this dear Helyn!
    With the 44th Gene Key in 5th Line as my Evolution, it’s contemplation ever reveals a leading edge of my life’s work and greatest outer challenge with living my purpose.
    Thank you.

  2. Hi Harmony Grace.
    Love reading about your life and deva’s so perfect for your 13…and merging with then through the 44….I love this 44..the delight of opening
    to the synfield.

  3. Richard says:

    Lovely words Helyn….

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