The Codon Ring of The Whirlwind

The Ring of The Whirlwind – Juliana Howard


Gk 49

REACTION – Raw emotions rule the day.

REVOLUTION – Rotten patterns thrown away.

REBIRTH – Rare flowerings mutate DNA.



GK 55

VICTIMIZATION – trapped by longing, fear, and blame.

FREEDOM — Solar plexus becomes brain.

FREEDOM – Transparency allows the CHANGE.

Juliana Howard


My eightieth year has been one of seeing synchronicities, better understanding my life’s purpose, and tying up loose ends. Married at age 21, only one month out of college, I quickly got down to the business of baby-making. Within seven years, I was a surprised and perplexed mother of five, and all career and creative endeavors were put on the back burner, next to the oatmeal. When the youngest went to school, I did too. After getting my teaching credentials, I took a job in a Catholic middle school in St. Cloud, MN, where I taught English, directed plays, monitored the social justice club, and planned school liturgies. In an attempt to get the kids involved, I began writing songs based on the liturgical readings. Bobby Vee agreed to record the first collection, Take Out Your Crayons, and ten years later, the Crayons, children from the local Catholic schools who sang and performed my songs, had recorded six albums of music. Again, I was surprised, perplexed, and a bit full of myself. Okay, way full of myself.

The inspiration for much of my children’s music was Matthew Fox’s Original Blessing. I wrote a song for every chapter in the book. The first song I wrote contains the key to both the Gene Keys and all authentic spiritual paths. It has been the driver of all of my creative projects, from the recent e-book 150 Psalms for Praying, the albums of music for children and adults, the children’s book Catie the Copycat, and now the three-line poems based on the 64 Gene Keys.  Visit E- Book of Psalms


Seed of God

Seed of God, you are planted. Deep inside I feel you grow.

Seed of God, source of beauty, like a daffodil in the snow.

(This song, and others can be heard at )


As Queen Catherine says to Catie, in my children’s book, Catie the Copycat,

“You are the Queen. I live within.”

And from that very hour, when Catie wonders who she is, she gazes in her mirror,

And Catherine smiles and nods her head as if to say, “I’m here.”

(for more about the book, illustrated by my granddaughter Sophia, email

For almost 81 years, the Queen has been calling, through dreams, poetry, books, writing, music, marriage (59 years) mothering, grandmothering , life circumstances, and Gene Keys. The Queen’s words are always the same, “Can you hear me now?”  My Life’s Work is GK 43. The Shadow is deafness. I’m a slow learner, but, though perplexed, surprised, and now literally a little hard of hearing, I can honestly and very gratefully respond to the Queen today, “Yes, I believe I can!” Thank you, Richard, and the Gene Keys Society team! Yes, I believe I can!!

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