Startled Awake   (embracing setbacks on the way to the Promised Land)


If you set to walk the Golden Path, be prepared to be unprepared. NOTHING can prepare you for what you’re about to face.

You will have momentum, enthusiasm, you will have wind in your sails and experience clear waters in your journey.


Enter the Storm


And then, out of nowhere, you can be buffeted, as if by a storm, stopping you dead in your tracks. No progress made, contemplation being not as clear as usual, insights becoming droplets every now and again, when before there were as abundant as stars in the night sky.

Fear not and fret not, although you will recoil and you will fret. It is inevitable.

But take the recoils that are sure to be there at some point or other not as “OMG, I’m loosing it”, but as portals, as gateways to a new level on the inward spiral.

At such points, revisit your contemplation of GK 24. I’m not going to tell you why. You will have your own reasons. Just trust me and do it. And if you feel like adding in other keys, do that too. There is no set way.



We become accustomed to our ways


We get used to the journey being in a certain way, to us feeling a certain way. There is a kind of rhythm to it all, and a beat that is always the same. We use those tools to orient us, to know we are on the right track, that we are “doing it right”

And like with any other Structure, we become entrapped by it. We over-rely on our Markers, on our ideas of “What <<RIGHT>> looks and feels like”.

This is an invitation to you, fellow traveler. As much as you can, in any way that works for you, I invite you to let your notions of “If it doesn’t look / feel like this, then it must be wrong, or I must be doing it wrong” on the side of the road.

We all feel that we need our markers in order to orient ourselves along the way. But we don’t. Not really. We have just become accustomed to our ways, to a certain rhythm, to a certain flow.



Adversity and Upheaval usually precedes Awakening – do not worry


Sometimes it can seem life is flowing just right. We have the resources we need to sustain ourselves and those we care for, time to pause, demands on our energy and time are manageable, in other words, everything is ok.

But we have a life to live. See, the Gene Keys Transmission and walking the Golden Path is not meant to make you into an Ascetic Philosopher or a Renunciate Monk. Actually it asks you the opposite.

The only way for the Transmission to do its work inside you and through you is for you to stop taking it as a scholarly discipline and start actually living from that wisdom in day to day life.

That means that sometimes you will not have the time to grab the book and read GK this or GK that. There can even be Upheaval in your life, not just mere everyday stress of responsibilities piling up. What do you do then? How do you find time to Pause when there seems to be none. How do you contemplate then? How do you share your contemplation with the community then?


Firstly and Fore mostly – Be Kind, Don’t Judge


Whatever happens, happens. Do not impose rules or morals on your process. There are periods and periods. Sometimes you’re in full swing, other times you’re in full reverse. Sometimes life is easy and everything goes your way, you have wind in your sails, other times, the wind blows the other way.

Be patient and practice what you have learned, in times of upheaval more than ever. Even when you have no time at all, you still have time for a breath. Of course, in those times you need more than a breath. Much, much more.

But start there, with the breath. Return to the 0 point. I tell you, be prepared to let go of any “shoulds” and pre-conceived notions about how your journey should be. Even if you stop or even go in reverse, maybe THAT’S THE JOURNEY.

We go forward, we go back. We stop, We start again. And then we Pause.


In place of an End


Savor your Pauses, draw strength from them. And be prepared to go without respite at any time. Life leads. We Follow. But Grace, grace is always there, our constant companion.



Cătălin Privu. Romania

Cătălin is 32 years old and is a Romanian Polymath with many interests centering around human consciousness and the raising of the base vibration of each individual to the level of Love and even beyond.

He has dabbled in many disciplines studying the archetypes of human consciousness and now weaves stories in his unique and signature style.

His three key words are BLESS, LOVE and TEACH, and he is a firm believer that there is a Genius in a Daimon in everybody, one just needs to get acquainted and let themselves be guided by these forms of intelligence.

He has dedicated his life to Love and Service of the highest and gentlest of virtues and tries as much as possible to stay true to the Highest Spirit of Goodness , Gentleness, Honor and Fairness

Catalin hopes his life and the way he leads it will be worthy of being one example of following, of a life well lived, a life that is dedicated to all that is good, beautiful and noble in this world


  1. ankyaklay says:

    Thank you Catalin. I loved this article and your wise words.

    I particularly loved these words: “The only way for the Transmission to do its work inside you and through you is for you to stop taking it as a scholarly discipline and start actually living from that wisdom in day to day life.”

    This truth is penetrating me more and more each day….my Life has now become Being Witness to the GKs living through me. That is my “In place of an End”.

  2. I am absolutely Startled Awake….but all I want to do is crawl under the covers and escape what’s happening all around me. It all seems like tooooo much lately….physical, emotional, mental, financial, environmental, family, relationships, animals, the planet, humanity……I’m on my knees and the only place that seems even remotely possible to remember anything worthwhile is in Gene Keys. Somehow this amazing transmission led me to you to day, my dear Catalin. I’m just scrolling around looking for something that can penetrate the darkness and ring true….and here you are….again.
    This is what got my attention today….. “If it doesn’t look / feel like this, then it must be wrong, or I must be doing it wrong” and thats the story of my life that I’m trying to re-write.
    So I’m taking this to heart today, staying in the absolute present moment, and believing that something magical and required is happening, and that’s all I need to know.
    Thank you for your brilliance, your heart, your wisdom, and your amazing way of translating Gene Keys.
    I’m off to read 24.
    Love, Karen Clarity

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