Sonhui Lamson

Sonhui took the red pill when life presented her several major challenges in the span of 11 months in 2011-2012.  Her initial focus was to heal her autistic child and herself.  She began to see the beauty in autism along the journey, and started to embrace all things that is her son.  Guided by her deep thirst  for esoteric knowledge,  she came across Gene Keys teachings in mid 2018.   She was amazed at how all her fragmented understanding  came together beautifully in Gene Keys.  She signed up for the Gene Keys Golden Path course, and also started to contribute to gene keys society website work.

Sonhui started her career as a software engineer at IBM in 2005, but quickly disenchanted by large cooperate culture, so she started to work for a small IT company as a programmer/analyst.  After 11 years, she left her job to homeschool her son.  She currently lives in Seaside Oregon with her son.

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