September and October 2019 Newsletter

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September – October 2019 Issue

MLM Romania

This month we introduce Claudia Ciocirlan who is a member of the MLM team representing Romania and of the Custodial Council.

Claudia was born in Constanta, a beautiful port-town on the Black Sea Coast of Romania where she grew up, started her education and joyfully practiced 10 years of professional gymnastics, attending local and international competitions that nurtured her team spirit and moulded her focus on excellence. After graduating in Economics, she started her family life and established her home in Bucharest where she is currently living. She has just celebrated 30 years of marriage enriched by 3 beautiful children – two daughters of 29, 24 and one son of 18 years old.

Over a period of 10 years, Claudia completed the training with Inforenergetics, the first spiritual and healing practice school after the communist revolution, that opened her perspective beyond the physical realm and helped her to start discovering her gifts and find the balance between family life, career and personal aspirations.

She has passionately dedicated over 15 years to professional Human Resources Management, mostly in multinational business environment- leading processes, teams and building cross-cultural relationships. This has been a good basis for her coaching, mentoring and consultancy services that she is currently offering to businesses as an external consultant.
Claudia came across the Gene Keys transmission in 2015, soon after a revelation received on a beautiful sunny day as an answer to her launched Grail question: “Dear God, please tell me how may I best serve this world from now on?” “From Human Resources to Resources of the Human”, came the answer. “You’ll do Inner Human Resources and will guide people to discover their gifts and become the authors of their own story”. Soon after that, in October, Richard came to Romania where he hosted the Venus Sequence Retreat in Sinaia. And the magic began…
An active member of the Romanian Gene Keys Community and of the Ambassador Circle, Claudia is dedicated to guiding people through study groups which turn into small communities, thus happily manifesting her GK 37 Family Alchemy Life’s Work, 37-40 Community Channel. She holds private sessions as well, locally and internationally, in Romanian, English and Spanish. On May 18th, 2018 during the Ambassador Program she heard the call to open the HarRa Holistic Center – Service to Spirit where she hosts her activities, Romanian Ambassadors’ gatherings and other Ambassadors’ events. Claudia has recently deepened her service by becoming a member of the MLM Multi-Lingual Team and of the Custodial Council.

MLM Meeting in Romania

We – ten members of the Multi-Lingual Matters Team, translators of the Gene Keys from Czechia, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Romania, Russia and Serbia – had an amazing blessed long weekend at the end of September in Romania. Our time together was filled with love, magic, fun, and care for the transmission and for each other. We celebrated our togetherness and also held the whole Gene Keys community deeply in our heart.

The Romanian Gene Keys community – especially our hosts Alexandra Lia Chiru, Claudia Ciocirlan and Ibolya Beres – offered us incredible and unforgettable hospitality: not only opening their homes and hearts for us, but also offering us cars and caring for all our needs and wishes. We had rich and touching meetings with Romanian Ambassadors and Gene Keys friends in Bucharest, some of whom like Camelia Misirianțu came from other cities to meet us.

Participants from the MLM-Team were: Alexandra Chiru, Anna Bahlinger, Claudia Ciocirlan, Ibolya Béres, Katalin Nagy, Lena Sinelschikova, Maria Teresa Frezet, Markéta Doubravská, Pia Mark and Sanja Telebak. Two men (partners of Markéta and Maria Teresa) were anchoring our process: they were with us at all programs, except for the ‘professional’ MLM-discussions, and we also had a Zoom meeting with two other men so close to our hearts – Richard and Anton.

A common theme and actual experience during our time together was a magical ‘co-pregnancy’ and sense of us – ten women – giving birth to something new and precious, a new phase in our life and working together as Multi-Lingual Gene Keys transmitters. We spent one day in the mountain resort of Prédeal giving shape to a new vision of our team to become a Multi-Lingual Guild in the weeks and months ahead.

Delta Fellowship

We’re pleased to bring you an update on the Delta, which has turned out to be a success beyond our highest hopes. Since the launch in January this year, only 9 months ago, around 300 people from all corners of the world have embarked upon this grand adventure into exploring higher human collective consciousness, the majority of whom are coming back for a 2nd and 3rd round. A couple of the very early pioneers from our test teams love the Delta so much that they’re even ready for a 6th round.

One of the most surprising and heartwarming findings from these very first teams is that the vast majority return as intact or mostly intact teams. Considering that in most cases the teams are made up randomly of complete strangers meeting for the very first time, this has been amazing to witness again and again, and truly proves the magic and power of the Delta to bring people together on a profound shared journey, one that inspires deep collective connections.

When we launched last January, we didn’t know what kind of response to expect and thus neither did we really know what it would take to support and run the Delta. We’ve learned a lot along the way and want to ensure that the foundation for the Delta is as solid and well supported as possible, so that we have the resources in place before we open up for a greater expansion. We are therefore taking a pause to digest, reflect, evaluate and consolidate. This means that we have put a temporary hold on 1st round registrations. But 2nd and 3rd round registrations remain open.

We are also using this pause to look ahead, and are currently in the process of creating the Delta Fellowship forum which will be open for anybody who chooses to join after three rounds in the Delta. We’re aiming to open the Delta Fellowship by the end of October, and expecting it to become a vibrant, alive and supportive group forum for Delta adventurers to share experiences beyond their own teams, and together explore the Delta in more depth.
We’ll keep you posted along the way, although we have learned from experience that these processes have their own timing, so we’re not at this point ready to give a date for re-opening for 1st round registrations.With much love
Richard and Pia

With Love,

From Richard and the Gene Keys Society

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