Richard Rudd

Founder of the Gene Keys ~ Delta Fellowship

Richard Rudd is an international teacher, writer and award-winning poet.   With a Masters degree in literature and philosophy, Richard is a born explorer and spent several decades travelling the world. He extensively explored the Americas, the Pacific, the Far East and the Arctic. As the Founder of the Gene Keys, Richard’s vision of the Gene Keys Society is that it will extend the Gene Keys teachings into philanthropic activities that will impact many cultures and communities all across the world. A non-conformist as well as a deep contemplative, Richard’s spiritual understanding is complimented by his devotion to everyday family life.

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  1. Rozalia says:

    Hello, I am Rozalia Alexandrova from Bulgaria and I would like to invite Mr. Rudd again to participate with my poem in my poetic almanac. The title is “Flowers of Angels”.This almanac was created on the occasion of the 5th international festival of poetry “Spirituality without Borders – 2019” in Plovdiv, Please forward to Richard Richard Rudd my invitation. With respect! Roюalia Alexandrova

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