Quintessence and the Seven Sacred Seals – Victoire Slakey

Quintessence and the 7 Sacred Seals

50cm x 70 cm

Acrylic on canvas, 2017

This painting is a journey to the heart of a sun whose sacred beams shine forth through the jungle-like darknesses of all our spaces.

Something is there, shining deep within, the Quintessence gathering rays for the benefit of all Beings.

A fractal of the Seven Sacred Seals and their holy echoes in all directions.

Wherever your ship may be, whatever night is holding you, look deeply and you will see the stellar heart beacon beckoning warmth and divine love.

Blessed be !


Victoire Slakey

My name is Victoire QoriQ’ente (Golden Hummingbird) Slakey

I was born in Paris (Rue des Volontaires) in 1965 and have lived in the Congo, the United States, France and now Peru.

I started drawing as soon as I could hold a crayon and am an incorrigible doodler.

I moved to Peru in November 2016 and started painting again in earnest.

The Sacred Valley near Cusco and its mountains  are the landscapes of the heart and a propitious environment for creativity’ing.

These paintings are prayers deeply inspired by the Gene Keys. Each comes from gazing into the numinous, often through Braining and meditation practices and sometimes BFO’s (blinding flashes of the obvious)!

I also do singing, tai chi’ing, a fair amount of writing (that will pop out of the vacuum in 2018), coaching and training coaches.

More than anything I am devoted to exquisite communion’ing with all manner of beings, and hope that this in some way may contribute to Metta Bhavana :

May all Beings be happy!

May all Beings be free from suffering!

May all Being be liberated, liberated, liberated!

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