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Hello and thank you for visiting our Philanthropy Hub! If you would like to donate, please choose a Gene Keys Society project from the drop-down menu in the Choose an Option box below. You can also tell us more about how you’d like your donation used, in the space provided when you complete your donation transaction.

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Our General Fund is a vital wellspring and also a practical way for our members and all inspired by the Gene Keys transmission to share in co-creating an ever-flowing community of abundance, in which generosity and philanthropy feed our bodies as well as our souls.

We look to the General Fund for financial support to the Society’s day-to-day operations and development activities. With our exciting move to free membership, to further our goal of access for all to Gene Keys teachings and resources, we invite donations that can enable us to maintain our website and respond in a timely way to our members’ questions and requests, as well as continue to expand our member resources and benefits.

We welcome your donation to our General Fund and commit to take careful note of any specific requests about how your gift will be used.

The Gene Keys ‘First Wave’ Ambassador Program in 2018 is for Society members who are committed to share Gene Keys with others. All Ambassadors have been invited to make a fair financial contribution according to their means, yet global economic inequalities mean that some committed members cannot pay full fees.

Thanks to the generosity of the community, during this first wave, we have been able to offer both Ambassador Scholarships and Country-Indexed discounts on fees. We now invite Ambassador Scholarship donations for the second program, which we anticipate will begin by the end of 2018.

A Society visioning meeting in Findhorn in June 2016 revealed a collective dream of a Gene Keys physical retreat centre. That dream has expanded to embrace a vision of communally held and organised hubs for Gene Keys learning, living and land stewardship.

We invite all who share this dream to hold it in trust and feed it with donations according to your means as we wait to see what will emerge. This is a long-term funding project, intended for the support of Gene Keys retreat centres and community hubs around the world.

International exchange feeds our Gene Keys community and enables it to grow strong global roots. A world gathering is planned in Bulgaria for August 2020.  We invite immediate donations to support the material costs of festival creation.

Announcing this event with a long lead time gives community members a chance to save for travel costs and festival fees. Nearer the date, we will also launch a travel fund crowdfunder for the special benefit of active community members who serve our community generously, yet whose financial situation could prevent them from attending the festival.

The ‘Idomeni Project’ is our first outreach as a Gene Keys collective in international service beyond the immediate needs of our community members.

Gene Keys support to refugees has gone through several stages of evolution since we first responded to a call to help refugees flooding into Europe from the Middle East and North Africa early in 2016. Our current partner, the Mobile Info Team provides psycho-social support and asylum advice to refugees stranded in Greece and separated from their families.

Your donation, however small, will directly help refugees in acute need.

Other Ways to Donate

1 If you have a US bank account, we will be happy to receive your donation by check.

2 If you wish to make a donation from outside the USA and do not wish to use PayPal, you can make a payment to us via Transferwise.

3 If you wish to donate to the Gene Keys Society from a 501c 3 organisation or US charitable fund we can provide full details of our non-profit status

4 We are also currently developing a legacy program, for community members who would like to support the Society in their wills.

To learn how to make your donation through one of these alternative methods to PayPal, please contact us through the Contact Form below. We will be delighted to send details for whichever method requested. Please use this form also to let us know if you would like to receive Society financial reports. We are happy to share such information freely, other than for details of individual donors, who are protected by our privacy policy. 

We thank you for your generosity and appreciate the many different ways in which our community already serves the Gene Keys Grail and creates a Gift Economy that is enabling our world to heal itself from the inside out.



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