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Please choose your own monthly donation amount in the “Choose Amount” box below. The minimum amount for a monthly donation is $3.

You have the option to use PayPal or Credit Card. US taxpayers are eligible for tax relief and, in some cases, non-US residents may also be able to set their donation against tax

If you have any questions please contact us to ask for details.

Thank you for making a difference.

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The minimum amount for a monthly donation is $3. Your monthly donation will go into the Gene Keys General Fund which helps maintain the website, mailing lists and other essential service. It is also used to reward our dedicated and part-time core team. These Gene Keys passionates keep the Society running, serve our members and respond to questions from the general public about Gene Keys and our community activities.

By committing to donate regularly you contribute to our young Society’s core stability. As a member of the Gene Keys Society, you can access all membership resources on the website as well as change your donation subscription anytime. (join here if you have not already subscribed – membership is free).

Choose your own monthly donation amount.
Thank you for your generous support!


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