The Delta (Round 2)

Delta Return Registration

Welcome back! Purchasing this Product will submit your name into the next available Delta group. After checkout, you will be informed via email when your new Delta group is ready to launch. You will also have access to new advanced Delta Resources inside the program.

Once you are logged in, please enter your Society Membership information to purchase the Delta only for yourself.  If you want to pay for somebody else to participate in the Delta you can purchase a gift card here, which they can then use to pay for their Delta through their own membership.  Since it is only possible to purchase each round once, this will ensure that each round in the Delta is registered for the right person.

After 3 Paid rounds of the Delta experience you will have the option to join the Delta Fellowship, should you choose to do so, and allowed access to participate in further Deltas by donation.

To purchase round 2, you must complete the full 7 week process for Delta Round 1