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Embodying Gene Keys – Putting the Teaching and Ourselves to the Test


The Law of Syntropy

Richard Rudd explains: “Here in the Philanthropy Hub we’re enacting a living dynamic law that lies at the core of the universe… the Law of Syntropy. While evolution sometimes appears to be random and chaotic, it’s actually seeking a natural higher order, a state of synthesis and harmony….

“The truly selfless act sends ripples out into the furthest quadrants of the universe and that stirs the currents of Grace, and Grace leads to Synchronicity…

“Selflessness isn’t just about charity, it’s much more than that. It’s about investment. Where will you invest your precious life force? What karma will you sow for your own future and that of humanity?

“It’s not actually mystical at all. It’s basic human common sense. It’s the original gift economy.”


In 2017, more than two-thirds of our Society team members were volunteers and creative contributors, giving freely and generously of themselves and their genius in the Society.

Does volunteer service in the Gene Keys Society attract you? Have any of our projects inspired you to want to get involved? Do you have a project idea of your own to share? What dreams are firing your passion to be of service?

As the Society grounds and grows in stability, we will open our doors ever wider to serve humanity and our precious planet. We invite you to get involved and complete our Volunteer Survey below. When volunteer roles emerge, we will share details here.

Our Volunteer Coordinator 

In the Society we have been holding a vision for an experienced volunteer to come forward from the Gene Keys community to help co-create and coordinate our volunteer network.

Kim Clarity responded to our invitation and has already begun identifying and matching volunteers to opportunities to serve within the Society and beyond in our projects. Here in the Philanthropy Hub, we are delighted to see members already signing up and all of us are excited to see how the Volunteer network will develop.

Our community of shared prosperity is growing. We encourage all who wish to volunteer, or who may be thinking about it and want to know more, to complete and submit our form below. You’ll then hear back soon from us. In the meantime, you can also learn more about Kim here!



Kim says: “I found my calling in life when I stumbled into Marianne Williamson’s “Course in Miracles” lectures in Santa Monica, Ca. in 1985.  I then began a lifelong love affair with living spirituality.  

“I co-founded Spiritual Center for Positive Living in Cameron Park, CA, and was Senior Minister from 1999 to 2009. I received my doctorate in Spiritual Studies from Emerson Institute in Oakridge Ca. I then co-founded my second non-profit learning community, Clarity Academy of Spiritual Arts or C.A.S.A., with my beloved wife, Rev Karen Grace, and operated as senior minister from 2012 to 2015.

“Since June 2015, Karen, and I have been diligently studying Gene Keys with “ Onedoorland”.  In 2016 we facilitated a year long group “Golden Path” series in Fair Oaks, and are now journeying with a group in Nevada City, and have a new group emerging in Placerville.  

“Currently, I am guiding families, couples and individuals, through the voyage of Gene Keys, to discover their eternal spark of genius that sets them apart from everyone else. As a member of the Gene Keys Ambassador Program and Volunteer Coordinator for the Gene Keys Society I am blessed to be part of this global synarchy.”


“We are going to transform our world through generosity, by giving our time, our resources and our hearts to help others who are less fortunate than ourselves.”

(Richard Rudd)

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