Application for Online Course Scholarship Fund

We would like to invite you to fill out this form in the spirit of sharing who you are, describing anything that you feel free to share, which might offer us guidance about your financial and life circumstance and allow us to understand and get to know you.


  • We thank you for any financial offering you can make, and (financial contribution aside) we would like to invite you to consider exploring other creative contributions for giving back. Here are some options to ponder: a written testimonial, sharing something from your unique creative process as you work with the Gene Keys (ie. creative writing, visual art, music, etc.), volunteering within the Society, offering your insights and ideas.

Thank you very much for responding to these questions.

We recognize that asking for financial support can be a sensitive issue and sometimes those who need it most find it difficult to ask. We would also like you to know that there are a limited number of bursaries available.

~The Gene Keys Scholarship Team~