If you have more than you need, do please consider supporting those who have less than they need, through donating to our Scholarship Programs

Scholarships were awarded in the Gene Keys community before the Society formed. In June 2015 Richard Rudd led an appeal for East European students opening their lands to the Gene Keys transmission to attend a Seven Sacred Seals Retreat in Canada. Later in 2015, community donations enabled many Romanian and other participants to join Richard’s Venus Sequence retreat in Sinaia. In May 2016, a Fundraising and Scholarship project created and administered by community members enabled students from six different countries to attend the Star Pearl retreat in Findhorn, Scotland.

Click the button below to read detailed feedback and recommendations that we received in 2016 from applicants, donors, scholars, selection panel and fund organisers of the Findhorn Scholarship project.

The Society has built enthusiastically on this scholarship experience. In 2017, it sponsored its first 12 applicants, each for a year’s free Society membership. The process continued for the first eight months of 2018 

This year, the Scholarship Team of four dedicated volunteers from four different countries who administer the program also gave administrative support to an independent international panel meeting to determine Ambassador Program Scholarships. 

Our Scholarship Team says: “An inspiring and core part of our work has been getting to know each other, in order to create a foundation on which to work together”.

The team members meet weekly to connect with each other, review current tasks and applications and joyfully serve the vision of generosity and philanthropy.

Scholarships are generally granted to individuals who have been working with the Gene Keys for at least six months, are committed to the journey, and have limited financial resources. Scholarships for the the Golden Path courses require that you have a copy of the Gene Keys book as well as have completed any pre-requisites. For example, the Venus Sequence requires the completion of the Activation Sequence, etc. 

All requests for Scholarships are individually reviewed and responded to.

The Society welcomes donations from our Gene Keys community to our Scholarship Fund.  Just click the button at the bottom of this page on the left . It will take you to a menu of options from which you may select your preferred donation fund.

“One is never truly compelled to fill in gaps and items lacked by others; what is compelling is the giving away of what one does not oneself need. The giver is more in the debt of the receiver than vice versa… The unsung noblesse of giving is just like that of the earth.” (Bela Hamvas)