Gene Keys Society Projects

“The Grail is here to serve Humanity and Nature” (Richard Rudd)

The Society provides a focus for those of us who are drawn to Gene Key contemplations to embody its teachings in collective service.

Many of us have found that learning is accelerated when we study Gene Keys together, in local and online groups, as well as in occasional seminars and retreats. We tap into a remarkable and abundant source of collective goodwill and prosperity, when we take that next step beyond contemplation to ground what we have learned in unattached giving and practical action that helps others.

On this page we describe programs and projects for which the Society currently invites support. We welcome your donations. We are also grateful when you share news and information about our Gene Keys activities more widely with your families and friends, so that they may learn more about our community. We encourage you to unleash your creativity and passion through getting directly involved in these projects as well as identifying others that you may wish to co-create and support.

Online Course Scholarships

We have a community goal that nobody should be prevented from accessing Gene Keys teachings and the Society’s offerings through financial obstacles alone. When the Society opened for membership in 2017 with a sliding scale of subscription fees, we first launched a bursary program.

From September 2018, however, the Society opened up to free membership, dissolving any need for such bursaries. This delights us and it means that we are now focusing on supporting access to the Gene Keys teachings.

If you wish to apply for an online course or if you want to support others in receiving a scholarship, please choose one of the button below.

Delta Fellowship Scholarship Fund

The Delta Fellowship is an experiment in the full flowering of collective consciousness. When it opened its gates in January 2019, many community members felt inspired to give more than the minimum when registering. This beautiful community support enabled us to offer Delta scholarships and, very naturally, a Delta Scholarship Fund was born.

We want nobody to be held back in joining through personal financial restraints, so we are now officially welcoming donations for Delta scholarships. If you want to support a friend or fellow to experience this journey into higher realms of consciousness, please make your donation here. It will make a difference and will be received with gratitude.

Ambassador Scholarships and Country Index-linked Fees

The ‘First Wave’ of our Ambassador Program is taking place during 2018, for Society members who are committed to share Gene Keys teachings with others. Our Ambassadors are asked to stretch, to make a fair financial contribution that covers their participation. Yet global economic inequalities mean that, even so, some committed members are not able to pay the full fee.

For this first wave we designed and implemented an Ambassador Scholarship Program and offered Country-Indexed discounts on fees. Our scholarship process this year built on the experience of past initiatives. We will invite feedback on the Ambassador Scholarship process before the first wave ends, so that we can incorporate any new learning in future programs.

We had many requests for Ambassador Scholarships for our first wave, and are grateful to our independent volunteer international panel for their work in reviewing all applications. Demand has already begun to build for the second wave, which may begin as early as the end of 2018. If you feel moved to, your support for our Scholarship program for future Ambassadors is very welcome.

Fostering International Exchange – Bulgaria Gene Keys Festival 2020

International exchange is essential for our community to grow strong global roots. A Gene Keys world gathering is now being prepared in Bulgaria for 2020. We invite immediate donations to support material costs of festival creation.

This long lead time gives a chance for us all to save towards travel and fees for an event which is already developing a buzz of excitement. Nearer the date of the festival, the Society will launch a crowdfunder in support of those members who already give abundantly of themselves in Gene Keys service, yet whose financial situation might prevent them attending the festival.

Please read about members who, thanks to our generous community, have been able to benefit in the past from international scholarships. Learn how past exchange students have gone on to share their good fortune, as in turn they feed the Gene Keys Grail, through volunteering and making donations to others.

Learning Centre and International Land Trust

A Society visioning meeting in Findhorn in June 2016 revealed a collectively held dream of a Gene Keys physical retreat centre. As the dream incubates, it has already extended to embrace a vision of communally held and organised hubs for Gene Keys learning, living and land stewardship around the world.

You are invited to listen as Richard Rudd articulates his own vision for the international community. Learn about a real centre in Devon, England, that inspired him to speak up. Richard has issued an invitation to all who share the collective dream of a physical centre to hold it in trust and feed it, as we tend etheric soil, waiting patiently together for whatever wishes to emerge.

Will it be a centre near Richard’s home, another somewhere else in the UK or indeed another place in the world that will be the first to ground the Gene Keys dream? This is no small or short term project. It is a dream that speaks to legacy, and one that requires careful planning and implementation, by dedicated people with practical and organisational skills. Wherever the vision first takes root and assumes a material form, we anticipate that it will in turn generate a seed fund in support of other retreat centres and Gene Keys community hubs to come.

The ‘Idomeni’ Refugee Project

In our early life, our projects focus mainly on helping Society members access Gene Keys community and teaching, as well as in collective exchange to strengthen our Gene Keys global networks.

As we develop and grow, we will continue to tend our own back yard with loving care. We also anticipate turning ever outward to ground our giving and service in the world.  The ‘Idomeni Project’ is our first outreach as a collective in international Gene Keys service. It is aimed at helping refugees in acute need.

Our support to refugees has gone through several stages of experiment and evolution. Initially, many of us responded spontaneously to a call early in 2016 to help desperate refugees flooding into Europe to escape from war. You can learn how the ‘Idomeni’ project has evolved since then. Find out how you can help our current partner, the Mobile Info Team, to give on the ground support and practical advice to refugees still stranded in Greece and seeking asylum.