Welcome to the Philanthropy Hub of the Gene Keys Society!

We’re still in an early stage of laying foundations for a radically philanthropic community dedicated to generosity, service and legacy. Gene Keys Society members may not be saints, yet most of us have already tasted an essential truth:

  • Giving from a full and overflowing heart generates joy,
  • Joy generates creativity,
  • And creativity generates prosperity.
  • Prosperity, especially when shared with those less fortunate, generates an eternal flow of light and life-giving abundance. 

Here in the Philanthropy Hub we will regularly share news and information about fundraising projects and volunteering opportunities.

Please consider this hub as a living platform for two-way communication, through which we can all connect to share dreams and ideas for service within the Gene Keys community and beyond.

Here are some ways to get started:

  • Choose a Gene Keys Philanthropy Project or Volunteer Opportunity that attracts you. Use the forms provided within the hub to contact and tell us you are interested. If you already know how you want to get involved, tell us that too.
  • Do you have a philanthropic vision or a practical idea for service that you would like to champion within the Society? Feel free to bring your deep dreams and high hopes for the community to feed our Philanthropy Hub. Share your vision and ideas also over in the Gene Keys Society Forum and invite others to join you in collective action.
  • Are you already feeding the Gene Keys ‘Grail’, through acts of service in the name of Gene Keys? Tell us your story briefly, in the contact form below. We’ll get in touch to learn more about you and your activities, so that we can highlight them in Gene Keys social media, as an inspiration to others.


“The fact that something exists does not by itself make it meaningful; everything that exists gains meaning through its being given away.” (Bela Hamvas)

The Law of Syntropy

At the core of the Gene Keys teachings lies a profound spirit of generosity whose rewards are vast and exciting. As the highest expression of human virtue, Syntropy invites you to use your creative genius alongside others in the community to help resolve specific issues you feel passionate about. We have begun a number of projects and we have room for many, many more. Please consider joining our philanthropic network and feed our dreams for a world that is light-filled and prosperous for all…

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