Dear Gene Keys Members,

Firstly, we want to express our deepest thanks to all of our supporters who generously donated to us over the Christmas period. We were very touched by the amount of support and the engagement of our supporters in our future stability. Truly without your support, we would not be looking to the new year with the same level of optimism. Together we are able to continue to work with people in need of legal advice and accurate information that will help them to get out of dangerous and difficult situations.





Over the last few weeks, Mobile Info Team has had several success stories which we want to share with you. Ibrahim’s* family reunification case was stuck for many months with the Swiss authorities having rejected the request to be reunited with his sister due to a lack of documentation showing that reunification would be in the best interest of the unaccompanied minor. Ibrahim contacted us desperate and close to giving up. Our caseworker Helen undertook a period of intensive research to put together a comprehensive best interest assessment. This effort was enough to convince the Swiss authorities and a few weeks ago Ibrahim was accepted and will soon be transferred to his sister in Switzerland.

Here is another example of our cross-border support: In 2017 we helped Najah* and her 5 children reunite with her husband in Norway. In the last few months we received a call from Najah asking for help as the Norwegian authorities were refusing to grant her asylum status as her and her children’s passports were still in Greece. It transpired that an administrate error had led to the passports being lost in Greece. Mobile Info Team coordinator Michael was able to find the location of the passports and have them shipped to Norway. After they were received, Najah and her children have been granted refugee status and are finally able to build a stable future together.

*All names have been changed to protect the identity of the people involved.



Support for Embassy Cases


In previous newsletters, we told you lots about the work we do with family reunification cases through the so-called “Dublin regulation”. There is another way to reunite with family members which Mobile Info Team can offer assistance with. The alternative is to apply for a visa for family reunification at the embassy. As an increasing amount of cases under Dublin are rejected, this other way to reunite families has become more important.

The embassy visa procedure has a multitude of specific requirements and can be complex to navigate. It is therefore essential that we provide support for applicants throughout the process to ensure that they are able to comply. We support applicants with booking appointments with the relevant embassies or consulates, explaining the procedure, assisting in gathering the required documents as well as monitoring the process to ensure that the rights of the applicants are respected.



Gabrielle, our new co-ordinator

Since the beginning of December, Mobile Info Team has a new co-coordinator. A former Fundraising and Operations Manager for Refugee Women Connect in Liverpool, UK, Gabrielle brings with her a wealth of experience in grant fundraising, online fundraising and project management. Over the coming months, Gabrielle is looking to boost our capacity in fundraising as well as improve our overall systems. This will include strategic development in monitoring and evaluating and project design. With this effort, Gabrielle looks to provide future stablity for Mobile Info Team so that we can continue to provide accurate and essential information for asylum seekers in difficult situations.


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