Gene Keys Society Newsletter : May 2018

Dear Friends and Society Members

News from the Month of May

Faces of the Society

Richard Sutton
This month we said farewell to Richard Sutton who has been a dedicated member of the Custodial Council since the Society’s foundation. While Richard’s work and travel now take him away, we anticipate with eagerness that our paths will cross again often.
We have formed deep bonds of friendship as well as valuing his wide experience and expansive input to Society matters. We wish Richard very well in all his new activities and adventures.

Ed King
This month we also welcomed to the Council Ed King, whom many members may remember meeting at Findhorn during the Star Pearl retreat in 2016. Ed and wife Marilyn Winfleld joined our inaugural visioning session there, and they have continued to offer our infant Society much moral and material support.
A retired builder with his own construction company, Ed lives in Southern California, where he regularly leads a Gene Keys groupd material support.  Ed and Marilyn have recently bought a home in Shasta, California where they look forward to holding Gene Keys retreats.
Costa Symeonidis
The media team is delighted to welcome the energy of Costa Symeonidis, of Melbourne, Australia. Costa brings a fresh energy and a synergistic skillset to the team and the new campaign that will be launching into 2018.  Costa is currently in the Ambassador program and has just started a Gene Keys study group in Melbourne.
Costa first became a student of esoteric knowledge during a challenging time at the age of 21. When he was introduced to the Gene Keys in 2014 he felt its wisdom begin to work through him instantly, dropping old patterns and casting things in a new light.
All the previous spiritual work started to integrate within this open system. Costa continues to contemplate and play with the Transmission, and contribute to the Gene Keys Society.
Elizabeth Burnim
The Philanthropy hub has been blessed with the arrival of Elizabeth Burnim.  Her presence and experience have brought wonderful freshness and energy to the team, as she works alongside Kim Clarity to bring structure and dynamic efficiency into our volunteer process.
A scientist, mystic and artist, Elizabeth (Stoller) Burnim attended the University of Minnesota where she gained a master’s degree in management of technology and bachelor’s in aerospace engineering. From fluid dynamics to proteomics, she delights in a challenge and is inquisitive.
Elizabeth began to meditate in 1994 and this led her to the American Institute of Vedic Studies. She studied under Dr. David Frawley from 2005 until 2012 and completed certifications in Ayurvedic Healing, Ayurvedic Astrology, and Yoga, Ayurveda, Mantra and Meditation.
Gene Keys became part of Elizabeth’s journey in 2012. She has found solace and inspiration within its pages and contemplating the Golden Path. Joshua, the love of her life, and her three children, John, Elianna and James, provide unconditional love and are the source of her joy and fulfillment. Her purpose is to brighten the lives of others and ultimately to awaken the truth of our essential nature.
Volunteer update
The Volunteer Stream is flowing along the banks of the Gene Key transmission. We are grateful for the beings of light who heard the sound of the conch on the inner planes. If you did not receive a response, please play your music again for it is a delight to hear.  Our mission is to awaken and nurture… All are Welcome


We are looking for volunteers who can assist in constructing and analysing survey data.

Immediate start needed.

Please contact:

Media Roll Out

Fragments of Light

We have ironed out the Fragments of Light section of the website, where you can visit a full playlist of the videos from the series.

For members (two new videos):

‘Body of Glory’ &
‘Life of Wakefulness’
We invite you to enjoy Richard’s sample Fragment on What’s New, where it is visible to both members and non- members:
To receive this and all other member’s benefits, you can become a member by following the link below.  New videos will be added weekly.

Dare to Be Divine

Please enjoy this short trailer video for the Inspirational Dare to be Divine Series.  May it inspire you to revisit or Dare you to start this series for the first time.  You can find it in the members resource section of the Society.


Community Interaction

As part of our media campaign to raise the profile of the Society and encourage interaction with Community, the Core Team in conjunction with the Media Team will be launching a media campaign.

It is our intention to showcase the many faces of the Society and amplify the magic of connection and sharing within our community.

The Society will begin by hosting webinars, and inviting members of the community to speak and share their Gene Keys experience. Our first call will be about Community. We will be inviting members who are at various stages with their study groups to share their experiences and stories.


If you would like to be considered please contact:

As the Gene Keys vision and community grows, we are creating new ways of engagement. Stay tuned for more pipeline media updates in the coming months.


With Love From,

The Gene Keys Society


  1. noel says:

    Please could you ensure I get the weekly gene key updates which I haven’t had now for several weeks.
    I always find the 5,6,7 day updates very insightful and have missed them when they haven’t arrived.
    My email address is

    • Hello Noel and thanks for writing.
      Responsibilities for Pulse, the weekly Gene Keys updates, are passing across from the teachings team and over to the Society. A new team will be taking responsibility for this and looking at how to share Pulse in the most effective ways globally. A Pulse page is being setup in the Resources menu and will also be shared on the Society’s blog regularly, which now has an RSS feed subscribe button here >

      If you have an RSS feed app (if not, you can easily find and download one for your preferred browser online), you’ll be able to receive the Gene Key of the week, along with all the other blog posts, direct on your computer.

      Thanks for your patience, Noel, while the system is being set up and refined, the new team sorts out its roles and activities, and we move into a rhythm of regular Pulse transmissions on the website. Both Pulse locations – blog and resources – will be accessible for members and non-members alike. 🔑

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