Naeodi Elizabeth

Scholarship Team

Naeodi Elizabeth has a deep reverence for the Sacred. With a passion for beauty and drawn to nature’s grace, she swims the cold blue waters of Canada’s Sunshine Coast embodying the depths of her humanity as she meets the vastness of the universe’s unconditional loving presence, sun shimmering on gentle waves.  

Naeodi loves to dance, practice qigong and yoga and share deeply with others. With an evolving life purpose to Serve and Inspire: supporting Love, Peace and Light, and deeply moved by Mother Theresa’s quotation:  “May God break my heart so completely that the whole world falls in”, her vision for herself and humanity is that we may ‘Remember’ who we are and ‘Reconnect’ to the ‘OneHeart’.  When she found the Gene Keys the recognition was immediate and she has been diving deep ever since, including sharing with others in Sacred Circle.  Naeodi serves in her home office as a Registered Psychologist, practicing a “New Psychology of Body Mind and Soul”.  Namaste.

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