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Please see below an update from the Mobile Info Team. As it is the season of giving we invite you to donate on their page.

Dear friends,

This month we are sharing our Christmas campaign to highlight our family reunification work. Your support has allowed us to work with refugees in Greece, helping them reunite with their families. As we look to 2019, we strive to continue this work and your help is as important as ever.

Christmas is a time to be together. Whether you spend it arguing with family over the Christmas turkey or dancing the night away with your friends, you have to agree that it is a terrible time of year to be alone.

If you have ever driven home for Christmas, blocked by traffic and bad weather, you will have almost certainly felt immense frustration at being kept apart from those you love.

Refugees in Greece feel this same frustration, kept apart from their families for long periods of time. The long period apart can devastate families. Some young refugee children have never met their father or other siblings. As the dark nights draw in and they see others leaving to celebrate with their family, they long to be with their families too.

Under certain circumstances, It is possible to be reunited with family members if they are living in the EU. However, the family reunification process is long and complicated. It requires many hours of dedicated work to complete the process. Mobile Info Team is committed to providing intensive support to refugees who are in Greece and are desperately trying to re-join their families. We empower refugees by giving them an overview of their rights, obligations and options, preventing them from taking risks that lead to exploitation and giving them the ability to act with dignity.




This Christmas, we ask that you support our work of reuniting families who have been separated. We have worked on over 500 asylum cases, representing more than 1,100 individuals. With your support, we can increase the number of families that we help spend next Christmas together.

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Success Stories*



Madiha and her five children were separated from their husband and father for over 3 years. Madiha had to take care of her 5 children in the difficult situation of the Greek refugee camps. Mobile Info Team helped and supported her from the start, informing her about all stages of the procedure, watching out for potential problems and giving her comfort and reassurance during long periods of waiting. Mid 2018, after a long and painful separation, Madiha and her children were finally reunited with their husband and father in Germany.



Nabil, aged 14, was separated from his parents during the chaos of escaping the war that came to his hometown. Alone, he ended up in Germany, while his parents and sister were stranded in Greece. Mobile Info Team supported his parents to gather the required documents to prove the family relationship, facilitated communication between German and Greek actors and exerted influence over the authorities to successfully reunite the family. In 2018, after a long wait, Nabil and his family were finally able to be together again.



Sameer’s request to be reunited with his brother in Germany was rejected, despite the huge physical and psychological vulnerabilities he faced. Mobile Info Team supported in this difficult time and helped Sameer in gathering additional documentation proving his right to be reunited with his brother. Our team of volunteer caseworkers spent many hours writing emails and on the phone convincing the authorties to accept Sameer’s request. After a lot of hard work, Sameer is now in Germany in the long needed care of his brother.
* All names used in the success stories have been changed to protect the identity of the people involved.
Photo credit:Abdulazez Dukhan

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