• Hi Alexsys,

    welcome to the conversation. No, we did not meet yet. It feels to me like an open field right now, where any one of us can initiate something 🌼

  • Hi Maureen, and all of you

    Thank you for your message. Let me too extend healing and blessings to Midi and her husband. May all be well.

    I see a purpose for this circle:

    To explore and share about different structures of governance, both from what we have learned about them and from our own experience.
    To contemplate on the Gene Keys touching…[Read more]

  • Dear Midi,

    I am happy to hear from you. I was thinking of this thread just this morning and here is your response 😉.

    I agree with your suggestion to invite members of the Society Core Team and Custodial Council. About placing a note in the Ambassadors’ thread I have no clear yes or no. Perhaps others have that (which I would welcome).

    I look f…[Read more]

  • Hi Anna,

    It was inspiring to read your post. I support your idea of a Zoom call. I have been sensing that the time for that is getting ripe. I would love to hear from the others in this conversation, especially from the initiators – Mark, Midi and others of the ‘Janitrix entity’ – how they feel about it.

    I can provide my Zoom space, if needed.…[Read more]

  • 47th gene key


    you will feel the pain of the world

    but also its loveliness

    nothing you can do about it

    transfiguration is the light

    that shines through the crown of thorns

  • Thanks for your gracious reply, Mark. I’ve enjoyed the fireworks as well, and I trust you now. My heart feels lighter 🙂

  • Thanks for your reply Mark, I appreciate it highly. I had the feeling it had touched you. It was the lack of background information that provoked my distrust, which I do not want to deny anymore in favor of appearing to be the good guy. I think it can serve the collective in some way, though I definitely need to learn to express it in a way that…[Read more]

  • Same old slop was part of the MKP experience too. I got some scars out of that one. In men’s circles, we consider our scars signs of honor: the battles we fought, victories and defeats…
    To bring new ways of governance into the worlds is walking new paths, with falling and getting up again. I took a break from it after the men’s work, and here I…[Read more]

  • @ Linda – Holacracy is a form of heterarchy, as far as I understand. In it, everyone has responsibility for their own field of work, and at the same time is part of one or more circles. Decisions are taken in these circles, which can have a hierarchy between them. When this forum takes a more concrete form, I could give a short overview of the…[Read more]

  • Hi Mark,

    Obviously, your posts trigger something in me. I am following that trail in me now. Still I stand by my question, even if the tone of it is sharp and maybe hurtful to you. In that case, apologies for the tone.

    And, I trust my intuition that something is out of tune. I have entered the Delta process in position 5; so that one is my focus…[Read more]

  • Hi Chris,

    Thanks for your contribution. I agree about the GKs, Codon Rings and transmission. The beauty and challenge of creating new governance (this word may need an update) structures attracts me to this conversation. I see systems like holacracy, viable systems model and others as inputs and inspirations from the world, which could mix with…[Read more]

  • Hi Mark,

    Why do you reply to Linda using information that came to you in a post I sent the day before? It looks to me like you try to put yourself one step up in a kind of hierarchy of attention, because this way your words end up higher up on the page. The Zappos blog exists since a long time, they are trailblazers in implementing holacracy in…[Read more]

  • I had it for my Delta too, so took a deeper look at it. Am happy it served 😉

  • Ready to join this conversation/project in any form it presents itself. Had some experiences in introducing holacracy, a model of heterarchy, in the ManKindProject, a men’s movement – with mixed results.

    love Shantamo

  • It seems to me this Gene Key covers the Tantric journey, so here some contemplation from this point of view.

    Tantra here is not about scantily clad, good-looking young people who engage in rituals involving incense, oriental lounge music, or peacock feathers. Nor is it practicing exercises to achieve multiple orgasms or prolonged intercourse,…[Read more]

  • Addition: I am actually not sure if Richard mentions all the correspondences. Here is a way to see them yourself:  get your Human Design Chart (there are many places on the web which provide it) and put it next to your GK profile. You will see which Gates and Gene Keys are the same. Anyway, here is the list, just to be complete:

    • conscious Sun…

    [Read more]

  • Hi Casey,

    Chetan Parkyn’s ‘Book of Lines’ gives the astrological positions of each Gate and Line (Gate is the Human Design name for Gene Key). Although the book is basically a Human Design approach to the I Ching, you will find the shadow, gift and siddhi qualities of each Gate as well.

    How the planets correlate with the spheres of the Golden…[Read more]

  • That’s beautiful Charles! I did not know you make sculptures.

  • Shantamo replied to the topic Art Inspired by Gene Key 22 in the forum Gene Key 22 1 year ago



    Floating in the warm spa waters

    you put me in the stream of life

    Did my mother? Yes, but with  resistance –

    who wants this mess?


    now i let go

    you become the mother, a non-personal presence

    bringing me through the waters

    rapids, bubbles, turns and all


    i feel my face from the inside

    it has the same expression as my…[Read more]

  • Shantamo replied to the topic Art Inspired by Gene Key 47 in the forum Gene Key 47 1 year ago

    47 – the storehouse of karma



    I know about abuse

    I suffered it and began to pass it on


    a soldier told me the greatest orgasm

    was killing a man while looking him in the eye

    I felt his horror and his truth

    that man’s soul was in pain, he was seeking release

    perhaps my listening helped


    I grow roses

    when I take care of t…[Read more]

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