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    I’ve actually taken another path Maureen, the old skool one of buying the books and working off line.

    Many things are changing in my life.

    I’ve taken a step back from how I’ve earned my money in the past to give myself more time to tap into new ways of learning including how the brain works and developing its neuroplasticity.

    Through working…[Read more]

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    I’m at peace. The 36th GK is in operation ( my Purpose sphere) and I’m not signed up to the Ambassador programme because technically I don’t meet the criteria. I feel energetically I’m ready but I’d if I’m really honest with myself perhaps I’m not grounded enough in the three sequences to be really ready.

    I was deeply moved by two videos I saw on…[Read more]

  • Hi guys

    I find I’m now constantly encouraging people to find out about genekeys and buy Richard’s main book on kindle (to start them off without too much expense) I’ve bought books for people too. How do I become an affiliate so that I could earn a commission ( just to pay for some of the time I’m spending with people supporting/directing them?)

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    Hello everyone ..I’m new here.

    I’ve just posted in the Gene key 1 section. Since I’m embracing my vanity (!) I wanted you to know that I’m now on the journey with you. Please respond there or here if what I’ve shared touches on your “story” too

    Love and light Noel

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    I’m feeling at peace. I’m feeling quietly excited. I’m feeling open to accepting what comes…

    The first gene key has done it work….

    Over the last five days I’ve felt, experienced and learned a lot. I’ve sensed the shadow of entropy which has in the past taken me into three long dark nights of the soul ( the last of which ended in late August…[Read more]

  • Truly beautiful Virgil – you have encapsulated so much of what I’ve experienced through this genekey.

    I’ll share my insights soon but thank you

  • noel posted an update 2 years ago

    Hello everyone,
    I’ve finally joined you at a pivotal time in my life as I totally commit to earning my livelihood out of doing what I love namely storytelling and biodanza. Looking forward to connecting with other Genekey explorers both on my doorstep and around the world. Love and light Noel

    • Love your commitment to what you love…especially dance and stories!
      Reminds me of a friend who does a kind of improv dance performance she calls “storydance or talking dance”
      Welcome to our Membership Hub and Society dear Noel.
      How’s it going so far?