Casey Køerner

  • Ok Awesome, this is a great direction, thanks again for your time

    Unfortunately it only works on PC, maybe I can find someone who has one


    If you happen to find out why there is an 88 degree difference, and why the hexagrams are placed the way they are please let me know!  You are exactly right…I’m looking for the technical basis for Human…[Read more]

  • Also…is there a sight that can pull this chart for me?

    All I am able to find is the BodyGraph

  • OK wow, thanks Chamuel

    This info is all brand new to me.  Didn’t know Gene Keys is built on the Human Design system…I was actually told to start there instead of studying Human Design first.  No wonder it’s confusing!

    Wondering if you can tell me why the unconscious Design system starts 88 degrees before birth?  Also, how did the hexagrams be…[Read more]

  • Ohhh ok

    I think i’m getting it.  thanks

    That makes sense in terms of the Evolution Sphere…the evolution is understanding the sign opposite your own sun sign.  Can you explain what “conscious” and “unconscious” positions mean in HD?  Like conscious Mars, unconscious Venus, etc?  Conscious / unconscious Jupiter?

  • Hi guys, thanks again for your help!!

    I just bought the “book of lines,”and still can’t understand how to connect the sphere/line info easily with my astrology chart.

    For instance, my Evolution Sphere is Gene Key 11, line 5.  You’re saying the placement is “unconscious earth,” which is in the period of Gemini, where I have as my sun and venus…[Read more]

  • Hello,

    I just wanted to say thank you to Richard and the team, I am resonating deeply and having a great time with the Golden Path, and I very much appreciate the opportunity.

    I have one issue I hope you can help me with –

    My wife and I have been studying astrology for years, and I’m trying to convince her that the golden path isn’t just a…[Read more]