• Profound, dear Shantamo.   Thank you.

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    Thank you so much for this, Michaela.  Where did you find the information about the fascinating Incarnation Cross of Eden?   I’d love to read more about it.

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    I’ve now discovered that my father has the same four too, in the exact configuration as Trump, including the lines!  He died when I was 21; he was 46.  He was dominating, charismatic, fascinating and a natural leader, who was completely cynical about politics, and very tolerant of others.  But he had bereavements, and vicious set backs in busi…[Read more]

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    Hi dear Helga,

    Thank you for your suggestion: my Attraction sphere is 40.1…Divine Will, Resolve and Exhaustion (it’s also the first of the Seven Sacred Seals).    Certainly my children and friends have at times almost exhausted me, with their lives which seem either like soap operas or Greek Tragedies.  I’ve spent much time worrying about…[Read more]

  • Here’s a weird thing:  my two children have the following keys in their Activation sequence: 3, 36, 12 and 11.  So do two friends of mine, and the son of a friend.  So do Trump and Einstein (one of my other friends researched their profiles!).

    They go like this, with lines:

    Life’s Work.            Evolution.           Radiance.           Purpose…[Read more]

  • I have recently retired from being a child psychotherapist, and I so resonate with everything you have all been writing in this thread.  I gave a paper once entitled ‘Trailing clouds of glory….’ about the importance of pre birth and infantile experience, postulating that our deepest fear, our shame, our shadows are the result of our growing away…[Read more]

  • Hi my dear buddy Kat, I shall certainly try to join in at one of these times….I may even manage 6 pm today!

    Speak to you later…..


  • Beautiful, and clarifying.   Thank you so much!

  • I recently retired from being a psychoanalyst for children and their families.  In the Gene Keys, I have found a way for people to psychoanalyse themselves, without years spent on someone’s couch.  The Venus Sequence is unique in asking us to look at what makes us who we are, in tracing the patterns that imprison us in infantile reactions to cha…[Read more]

  • I love Hildegarde, dearest Hazel.  All her music is beautifully unmistakeable and her life story is extraordinary for a woman of her time.   Thanks for posting this….

  • Lovely story, David.  Spiders are so magical, aren’t they, and their webs so beautiful….and such a lesson for the unity of all that beauty and death are as one. ….Yesterday, while walking my dogs, I was thinking about the symbolism of the spiral shell, the conch that calls us together here, and actually the ‘treasure’ that was sought throug…[Read more]

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    Amazing and fascinating, Klaus.   Thank you.   Erlendur Haraldsson  has very much continued Stevenson’s work, and there’s a lovely book ‘I saw a light and came here’ by him with James Metcalfe, another researcher in this area.   There’s an introduction by Tucker, too.  In a way, I think these kinds of studies are almost the best empirical proo…[Read more]

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    As mentioned before, I’ve had past life and between lives hypnosis sessions, and have in addition had several waking ‘visions’ of past lives.  Now, I had read Michael Newton’s books about his 7,000 cases of past lives hypnosis, before the hypnosis, and doubtless was influenced by this.  Wishful thinking, most probably.   But the visions/ m…[Read more]

  • So very glad to be engaging here with you all….the music thread, our desert island discs, and the other thread about the teasing relationship between I and We, have prompted me to introduce you to the psychoanalyst and mathematician, Ignacio Matte Blanco, who conceptualised our minds according to a kind of set theory.  He was from Chile, and…[Read more]

  • So glad you like it, dear Kat.  I’ve got so many other songs I could chose….I might bend the rules and post another one!

  • I hope this link works….Ebarme dich from the St. Matthew Passion by Bach.

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    Suffering is at the sharp end of duality.  The extreme of the swing between joy and pain, which prompts nearly all our actions here.  Attain one, avoid the other.  If we can see that suffering is the same as joy (Richard calls it grace) then we can really begin to be free.   Neale Donald Walsh, in Conversations with God, calls all the pain, the…[Read more]

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    Fascinating and satisfying….

  • Lovely Patty, thank you for your enquiry!   Before becoming a psychoanalyst, I was a professional writer, publishing 10 novels in the fantasy/dark ghost story genres.  All sadly out of print now!  I’m returning to it now and have three books on the go, a science fiction (all about AIs), and a history of our family firm, which I’ve now taken ov…[Read more]

  • My creativity, which tends to focus on writing, has to be caught by surprise.   I have the current chapter up on the screen on the kitchen table and grap a few minutes here or there, and every now and then I’ll get lift off, and wahey! a chapter emerges.  I’ve tried meditating, being in a calm space, but it doesn’t work.  I write best when th…[Read more]

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