• Stunning!!

    Thank you Momo!!

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    Hello Nadia,

    I do apologize I can see how that reads and it can be misleading. I have 6 line sixes and 2 fives, 2 twos and 1 three.

    I dont know if that is possible, maybe a question for the group.

    The grid for me is another representation of the grounding of my Gene Key 19. 2, the base of the line of individuation, bridging the Activation…[Read more]

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    The Crystal Grid created today, a day of fractals of light, represents the auric egg within it is the Seven Higher Heavens, the Planetary Staff or Vertical Central Power Column and Hara Line,  the Seven Sacred Bodies, the Four Directions, The Trinity Wave, Threefold Founder Flame, The Inner Stargate. This is a grounding grid, an involutionary…[Read more]

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    So, on a side note.

    After my husband left this realm on 12-16-2014, my dear friend Tammy in her generosity and pain, knew how much I love the water, especially here in Pensacola with direct access to the Gulf of Mexico. So in her support, and generous spirit and love of my husband,  she had a boat that she never used, so Tammy said to our other…[Read more]

  • Update on the nest:

    I am saddened to report that the nest fell over the other day and it was within a half hour of my last checking. I am not sure if a squirrel knocked it over or it just fell. The other day I saw squirrels on the railing and mom and dad were chasing them off.

    I ran out and tried to catch the eggs that were caught inside, one…[Read more]

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    Hello All,

    @Tanmyo  So yesterday on the boat we got near the pass into the Gulf of Mexico and my friend said, look there are a couple pods of dolphins. So I got my phone out and it was 11:11…… then I tried to take a screenshot but by the time I figured that out it was 11:12…LOL.

    We saw dolphins all day and one shark too.

    Much Love,



    Gulf Pass

  • Communion with and empowerment of many.

  • Thank you very much Susan for sharing!! This is inspirational to me, to create.

    The Womb, I love the art. The dark creation space, the Zero point the Still point,the beginning of incarnation,  returning to the  Womb, the original Divine blueprint, the Hara.

    Also, The Mother!! The Divine Feminine.

    Much Love,


  • Thank you Bella. This is beautiful!!

  • Hello Everyone,

    Thank you for all your sharings!

    Interesting enough @Sumithra, lately,  I also find myself waking from dreams and then getting into a fetal position and into contemplation about the dreams. Then memories, feelings, recognition’s, awareness of the subconscious come into play.

    Some of these are painful and some are moments of…[Read more]

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    Where Am I?

    I was asleep? I have lost something…..I can feel it.

    I have awoken to a dream, a dream of beauty, of love, of passion, of peace, of oneness.

    I am in a trance.

    Where Am I?

    This place feels chaotic, lonely, fearful, destructive, there is sickness here.

    There is separation, hate, judgement, anger and destruction.

    Where Am I?

    I…[Read more]

  • WOW!! This is beautiful!!!!!

  • Update:

    So I come home to this, on my kitchen counter, a little shocking at first.


    My dear sister, born on the same day as me, 3 years apart and co-owner of the home, with a deep love of nature purchased these for the nesting couple.  First day, not many consumed.  Second day, I see they are all gone. I did not witness consumption. Today h…[Read more]

  • So yesterday during the webinar I was moving from my meditation room with laptop to my main computer in the kitchen.  When I closed the door to the meditation room , I heard 3 distinct knocks on wood.  At first I thought something fell so I opened the door again and looked around, nothing fell , then I laughed.

    How synchronous that those knocks c…[Read more]

  • Hello Everyone,

    I wanted to share about a bluebird pair that have nested on my deck. They made the nest in a Hawaiian warrior helmet that I placed on the deck, over a year ago.  It is very worn, head feathers gone and the rest used to make the nest. It would fall off of that post I placed it on , all the time, even with string tied to it.

    Now…[Read more]

  • Hi David,

    I wanted to share with you that my meditation this morning brought me to Ireland, England, and Scotland. So after meditation I thought of your sharing.

    It is my father’s birthday today and our ancestry.

    A lot of clearing and release today!!

    Thank you David.

    Much Love,




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    Beautiful Sarani!! I love the pastel colors. Thank you!

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    Hi Gernot,

    I will read GK 9 , your SQ so that I can become familiar with it and possibly we can discuss through email if you want.

    What line do you have?

    I went over my SQ, 56.6 yesterday and am going back to it this weekend.

    Much Love and Respect as well,


  • P.S   I wanted to add a distinction that came in at 4 am.

    It is about the word “suffering”. When I hear that word or read it, I think of tragic events such as children starving to death, animals being abused, war, killing , torture of any sentient life, to name a few.  You add what you think suffering is.  That is why the anger and resentment cam…[Read more]

  • Hello Everyone,

    I appreciate all of your sharing so very much! Such a touchy subject for me.

    Amma Li, when you posted this and I watched your sharing my initial reaction was ..suffering, really, why must we do this any more?!  It seems so easy, we should not have to suffer any longer!! We all get along , we are happy and coherence and all will…[Read more]

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