Melissa Rae

Authentic Self and Persona
“Unraveling energetic entanglements one knot at a time.”

Inspired through the energy of The Gene Keys Venus Sequence, Authentic Self and Persona was born. Authentic Self and Persona offers that our birthright is to embody seven key elements to the measure that enrich our being. These key elements are:

  • Physical Safety
  • Mental Clarity
  • Emotional Peace
  • Relational Integrity
  • Financial Flow
  • Material Comfort
  • Spiritual Lucidity

If a person is lacking in any of these areas, there may be a gap between Authentic Self and Persona. In my experience, the gap between Authentic Self and Persona equaled my level of suffering. Authentic Self is who we really are. Persona is the mask we hide behind when we don’t feel safe in the world. For many, this is all the time. For some, there may have been adequate nourishment and therefore ability to move about the world cleanly. For those who may not have had adequate nourishment to feed their seven key elemental birthrights, an inevitable creation of Persona protecting Authentic Self may have been necessary.

Some may not be aware of who they really are. There may be steps between Authentic Self and Persona. Led by the energy of Venus, gentle guidance is offered bridging the gap between Authentic Self and Persona, thus unraveling the energetic entanglements blocking our innate prosperity of our seven key elemental birthrights.

Services Offered:

Authentic Self and Persona Sessions

Individual Gene Keys Profile Consultations

Golden Path Study Groups

Introductory Gene Keys Meetings

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