Maria Teresa Frezet (Italy)

Multi Lingual Team

I live in the North West of Italy, in the Alps and in 1987 I graduated in France and Italy (bi-national Graduation in Foreign Languages). Since more than 20 years my real interest is learning about how we human beings can evolve. I have been a curious child, always looking for answers in different areas and today I am a curious adult with the same drive for understanding. I have started to learn some energetic techniques in the 90’s (P.E.M Paris Energy Method) followed by Life Alignment, a training in Akashic Reading, first level Reiki.Through the interest for Human Design I have come to Gene Keys and its powerful transmission is adding a deep value to my work of Life Alignment Practitioner.

I am also very creative and love to create with my hands….basically I am in love with life!


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