Judy Granit

Multilingual Matters Team (Israel)

I was born in the UK and emigrated to Israel with my family at the age of 12. After studying Textile Technology, getting married and having 3 kids (+5 grandchildren so far), I was irresistibly drawn to spirituality, energies, natural healing and all things magical. All kinds of modalities found me and I found myself translating and adapting them to share in Hebrew, in Israel, teaching and facilitating.

One day, an invitation to join the first Gene Key deep-dive arrived in my inbox and ever since, I’ve been drawn deeply into this wisdom. I translated most of the book and the Golden Path as a way to embody the knowledge even further. So far, the book hasn’t been published in Hebrew but I’m doing my best to share in my own way, weaving the GKs into my private sessions, occasionally facilitating a small study group and on my Facebook page, Gene Keys-Israel.

I have always been a searcher, the Gene Keys make me feel I have finally come home.  

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