Journey to Middle Knoll


At the centre of the British Isles is a hill called Middle Knoll also referred to as Brennand, the Burning One. It is near Dunsop Bridge in the Bowland Forest. This journey in haiku poetry has arisen creatively from my Purpose Key 26.3 and Attractor Field 29.5. It is a devotional offering to the Sun God in all his forms as the Beloved.


From Dunsop Bridge

The pilgrimage begins

To the islands centre


Circling Middle Knoll

Cuckoo my only companion

Incanting prayers


Greeted by a lamb

She inches closer

Her black wool face dense


Becoming tender

She allows me to touch her

Sweet face on the cheek


A horse in my hand

Spirals upon its clay body

Gift for the Sun God


Following his path

I am his dreamy lover

Awaiting his light


Tresses flying free

His fingers touch my bare skin

have I known such beauty?


An outstretched hill hand

A crone ancestor celebrates

Apollo’s return


His Golden Chariot

Descends towards yonder hill

Rainbows are dancing


Artor King of Bears

Who came from the Russian Steppes

Centuries ago


Wild Northern peoples

Whose first love was their horses

And the Bowland Forest


There he appears in

Shadow –  he comes through the head

Tingling with delight


Healer of children

Protector of Ancestors

And the sacred isles


Upon a white rock

Another lamb comes placing

Its small black hooves


Here dwelleth You my Dear

At the heart, at the centre

And now we are One


The cry of curlews

And the sweet song of sky larks

As lambs find their moms’


At last standing still

A great hare bathed in moonlight

Has heard my sweet song


Riding my bicycle

Beneath the Moon and Venus

Midges hit my face


Doe crosses my path

A heartfelt glimpse of Elen

And then she is gone


Alison Dhuanna, UK

I am an astrologer and priestess initiated into the Western Mystery Tradition living in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire in the UK. I specialise in Goddess Asteroids and feel my work is very much about anchoring the Divine Feminine frequencies. I play gong baths and use voice and other sacred instruments for healing.

I belong to a collective of 3 called Deepsong Sacred Sound Journeys playing for world peace. In the past few years with my partner I have become an explorer of ley lines and rivers in the UK and Europe singing and making offerings on our adventures, exploring the Earth’s grid of light.

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