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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are responses to some frequently asked questions..

Society Members will find additional FAQs in the Welcome Tent and Questions & Support Forum where they can also raise questions directly online with members of the Gene Keys Society’s Welcome Team.

Non-members with additional questions  can contact us here.

What is the mission of the Gene Keys Society?

You can read our formal mission statement here.

We started the Society to offer a connecting point for continued learning and practical service to an enthusiastic and growing Gene Keys global following. We will continue to provide resources for individual personal contemplation, as inspired by Richard Rudd’s books and courses on Gene Keys. Tapping into the creativity of our Gene Keys field extends and enriches our Gene Keys evolving community. It can also ground the philanthropic core of Gene Keys in collective action, thereby celebrating life and resolving real issues affecting our world.

What special resources and benefits are available for Society Members?

A list of Member Benefits is available here.

During 2018 we will continue to add additional resources for our Members. For us the essential resource and benefit of Society membership lies in becoming part of a loving learning community, committed to serve the collective while also supporting the individual genius of each of its members.

Can I connect with a real live person before joining, to learn more about Gene Keys and the Society?


Non-members and members may attend our free live drop-in Zoom calls for anyone interested in the Gene Keys. These are hosted weekly, by our Gene Keys Society Welcome Team, at 9 a.m. US Pacific, 5 p.m. GMT on Wednesdays, starting fromApril 5th. All are welcome. Just contact us using the Customer Support Form in Contact Us for an invitation.

What is Richard Rudd's webinar series Dare to be Divine about?

It is a 4-part online program open to members of the Gene Keys Society that offers a unique insight into the true magical roots of the universe. Richard Rudd takes us on a guided journey through the 64 expressions of enlightened consciousness and reveals a vast view of the true potential of humanity.

Using his mystical, poetic insight Richard shows us the many facets of enlightenment in its varied colours, expressions and hues, from the wildest states of miraculous God-intoxication to the humblest lives of service and silence. 

Dare to be Divine is far more than spiritual voyeurism however, for woven into it is a powerful embodiment technique. Through 16 archetypal ‘Dares’ given over the course of the program, we are challenged to stretch and open our awareness to see ourselves as those great beings of Light and Truth who already exist within us. Thus through our deep absorption of this material we are able to bring the future consciousness of humanity into the present moment of our everyday lives.

A soaring, once-in-a-lifetime teaching, this program may change your view of the world. It will help you let go of any attachments you have to outcomes – both in your personal life and in the many dramas taking place on the current world stage.

Dare to be Divine is a priceless benefit of Gene Keys Society membership. Watch Richard’s free Introductory Video to the program here.

What does Membership commit me to?

Go to this link to read the Member Commitment.

In essence Members commit to embrace and embody the Society’s Values and Principles .

What are my options to pay for my Membership??

You can pay monthly or annually and choose from a three-tiered membership subscription scale, according to your personal circumstance.

We use PayPal to process subscriptions as it is both secure and widely available in the world. We can only accept US$ transactions at this time: we need to keep things simple for we have a small core admin team.

If you experience difficulties with your PayPal payments please contact us using the Customer Support form here.

What is the Society's refund policy for Membership fees?

If you sign up for a Monthly Membership, we will refund your Membership if you decide during your first 7-day period after sign-up that you no longer wish to be a Member. After this initial 7-day period, you may cancel your membership at any time without a refund.

If you take out Annual Membership, you may cancel at any time during a 30-day period after sign-up, and we will refund your Membership. Thereafter, you may cancel your membership at any time without a refund.

For more information about our Cancellation-Renew-Refund policy please click here

What do Membership Dues support?

Membership subscriptions are used entirely to provide services to our members. This includes a wide variety of direct and indirect costs: customer service, member support, technical support, book-keeping, payroll, website and other online costs, fiscal sponsorship fees, program development and delivery costs, webinars and other resources.

We are profoundly grateful for our many Society volunteers, including our custodial council, start-up steward, website welcome team, and bursary fund administrators. Without their generous services, our costs and subscription rates would inevitably be higher.

What are my payment options for donating to the Society?

We generally use PayPal to receive donations. You can make a donation in any currency offered by PayPal, and we will receive it converted to the equivalent sum in US$s. Go here to learn more about donating to the Society and our projects

We are always happy to receive donations by US check. Just use this Contact Form and let us know you wish to donate by check and we will send you full details of how and where to send it.

The Gene Keys Society is a fiscally sponsored project of Inquiring Systems Inc. a California-based 501 c 3 registered non-profit. Donations can be set against tax if you are a US taxpayer. In some cases other national tax jurisdictions may permit you to claim tax relief. Please contact the revenue service in the country where you live/pay taxes, or ask a tax accountant.

Can I choose how my donation will be used?

You can find out about our current projects and priorities for funding here

We encourage community engagement in decisions on how to use our funds. If you donate by PayPal, you can select the project of your choice by using a drop down menu project option here.  You can also add a note to advise us if there are particular activities within the project that you wish to support. You can do the same when sending us a US$ check.

If you do not state how you wish your donation to be used, it will go into the Society’s General Fund and we will then use it in whatever way our Core Team and/or Custodial Council deem to be in the best interest of the collective.

Where is personal and financial information stored and what is your policy on sharing information?

Gene Keys customer details (including Hologenetic Profile data) are stored in a secure database by Gene Keys Publishing. These details are never shared with others, except as required by law. They are not connected with sensitive financial information (credit card, PayPal etc).

Details of Gene Keys Society Members are shared only among members who have already committed to the Society’s Values and Principles, and who subscribe to the Society for purposes of community connection within our private network. Members function in a spirit of trust in which they agree not to share any member information outside the network without permission. Details are not available to non-members, even if these are customers of Gene Keys Publishing.

All payment activities and financial information associated with membership and shop purchases are completely handled and safeguarded by PayPal’s customer protection and security systems.

Payment activities associated with donations are either handled and safeguarded by PayPal’s customer protection and security systems, or protected by the Society’s bank account security systems, or held by the Society in a private database off its website. Donor information is never shared, except as might be required by law.

Our full Privacy Policy and Terms of Use are available here.

I am a Member but cannot log into my Society Membership account. What should I do?

Use the “Forgot Your Password” link on the Login Page to reset your password or find your username.

Try all email addresses you may have used during sign up, including your paypal email address

If your Membership has expired, you can click “My Account / Login” to Re-subscribe with a Monthly or Annual Membership, and instantly gain access.

If you still need help, please Contact Customer Support here.

How do I cancel my recurring subscription?

Please click here for more information on cancellations.

Weekly Open Zoom Call for all Gene Keys Community

Hosted by Maureen Momo Freehill and the Gene Keys Society Welcome Team

Wednesdays at 9:00 am – 10:00 am (PST)
 Limited to 50 participants per call
The JOIN URL for this meeting is:
Meeting ID code is: 999-806-161
It’s free and ALL who are interested in
the Gene Keys are welcome.

The intention of this live call is to foster sense of ongoing welcome, guidance, participation, and community support among us as well as get answers about the Gene Keys voyage.

Drop in for any call and stay as long or short as you’d like. Best to arrive at beginning and use a device with camera and audio.

This meeting provides a weekly face to face forum where we can collectively connect, converse and contemplate in real-time and place discussions about all Gene Keys related subjects.