Welcome to the Gene Keys Society’s Member Sign-up Page!

We live in a world of financial inequities and what is affordable for some is beyond the financial reach of others. We have therefore set a three-tiered scale and invite you to choose the membership rate and payment method that best suits your own situation. Membership benefits are identical, whether you choose a monthly or annual subscription and whether you situate yourself on the low or high end of the payment scale. 

There are three options for monthly membership: $14 – $11 – $7 per month

If you prefer to make annual payments, the three options are $144 – $111 – $77 per year. 

Subscriptions will auto-renew each billing cycle, you can cancel anytime. 

If you already have a login for GeneKeys.com to access Online Courses, please sign in with the same username and password! 

We recognize that even the lowest subscription rate may be a stretch for some. We wish to make membership available to all who wish to join and at the same time we have a commitment to all to ensure the Society is financially stable.

We have therefore opened a Society Membership Bursary Fund. Invoking the spirit of generosity that animates the Society, we invite all who can both afford and also wish to support it to donate to this fund. In that way, we can share in community prosperity and enable some to become members who otherwise would not have the means and opportunity.

Thank you for both giving and receiving! 

If you need to apply for support for membership fees, please complete this form .

Customer Privacy

  • Customer details are stored in a secure database, and are not directly connected with sensitive banking information (Credit cards, paypal address, etc).
  • Payment details are completely handled by Paypal trusted security, and are not currently stored on our server.
  • Membership profile details are only visible by other Gene Keys Society members who have agreed to the same Values and Principles, and who pay a monthly or annual subscription to join this private network.
  • For our full Privacy Policy see below

Cancellation & Refund Policy

If you sign up for a Monthly Membership, we will refund your Membership if you decide during your first 7-day period after sign-up that you no longer wish to be a Member. After this initial 7-day period, you may cancel your membership at any time without a refund.

If you take out Annual Membership, you may cancel at any time during a 30-day period after sign-up, and we will refund your Membership. Thereafter, you may cancel your membership at any time without a refund.

To cancel your recurring subscription, please click below for more info.