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The Gene Keys Society for the Advancement of Humanity is a custodian-led and membership-based non-profit organisation. Our purpose is to enable global access to the Gene Keys teachings, and to serve the world through implementing our vision of personal and shared prosperity. We welcome anyone anywhere who is attracted by the Gene Keys and feels inspired to embody the Society’s Values and Principles.

The Gift of Commitment

“Commitment has its own wild morality. When your energy says Yes to something or someone, it is showing its readiness to engage in a cycle of learning and evolution that could lead to the most extraordinary possibilities…”   (Gene Key 29)

Listen to our Free Gift – Gene Key 29 Audio Contemplation by Richard Rudd

Member Benefits

  • Free Society Membership
  • A global membership directory and member messaging tools
  • Find new members for local and online Gene Keys study groups
  • Forums and news feeds for members
  • Join Online Community Calls & Webinars
  • Submit creative contributions to the Society Blog
  • Contribute to the Gene Keys Living Library
  • Enjoy the Fragments of Light video library of personal and intimate moments recorded by Richard Rudd
  • Find guidance and informal support for self development and personal projects
  • Share news of member events and offerings in a Community Marketplace
  • Participate in an ever evolving Gene Keys community
  • Learn to live in Synarchy with loving companions who are committed to the Gene Keys teachings

Gene Keys Society Members Commit to:

  • Embody Gene Keys Society Values and Principles
  • Participate authentically in the community
  • Treat others the way they wish to be treated
  • Take responsibility for their personal experience and its effect on the whole
  • Keep member contact details up to date and reserve membership access for personal use
  • Share information and (if appropriate) sign-up details on their Gene Keys study groups in the online Community Directory
  • Respect Gene Keys copyright

Join the Gene Keys Society and become a co-creator in our community

Find out where your personal genius may shine while feeding the Society’s collective evolution
Serve a community based in principles of Generosity, Philanthropy and Mutual Benefit
Influence the direction of Gene Keys in the world and create a legacy for future generations

Also Coming in 2019 for Members

  • Register to participate in the second wave Gene Keys Ambassador Initiation – Members who have completed the Golden Path and contemplated the Gene Keys for a minimum of 18 months may register for the second wave during 2018 (program will start early in 2019). The first module of the Ambassador Program is available online, free and open to all.
  • Become involved in the Society’s Community Council (forming by end 2018)
  • Attend a Launch Webinar in the last quarter of 2018 about the new Delta Fellowship multi-level game for self-illumination, team and community coherence (opening for play early in 2019)
  • Explore possibilities for co-creating Ambassador-led Gene Keys Guilds  that will have a higher purpose of learning and service to humanity


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“The only real commitment is commitment to your own inner guidance in the now. Finding this guidance is dependent on you surrendering to the life force within you.”
Richard Rudd: Gene Key 29