Delta Fellowship Testimonials

“For me Delta Fellowship was such a generous invitation to a deep two-way flight between my-Self and them-Selves. In the end we are all One Big Family, we are all One Big Heart. I am so honored to be part of this cosmic dance.”

Alexandra Chiru, Romania


“This was a very deep both collective and individual process for me, rich with insights and many, many experiences. It seems like you start to live another life inside your own, when you start it. A secret life for which only you and the other participants know for and share, holding the same vision, supporting each other both physically and emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Developing different levels of connection – with yourself on the individual work, with your partner when you both contribute and support the weekly task from different angles, and with the whole organism – the delta itself. Very enlightening in so many ways and on so many levels”

Zornitsa Simidjiiska, Bulgaria


“The Delta Fellowship has been a beautiful, enriching and very deep experience for me. Moving through this journey in a group with only women, I have reached new depths and heights of my being as well as being held and guided by a truly feminine kind gentle loving and fierce presence. It was a sense of coming home to myself, to my feminine essence while also coming home and belonging in a group/ a fellowship of like-minded souls gathering with a shared intention. Love has come back into my heart, opened my heart wider and wider for fears, wounds, pains to be embraced….and allowing me to dream big, to trust deeper, to fly for the first time, to believe and have faith again and let go of all that is not essential. It has been a powerful take off into a bigger version of me.”

Jasmin Schoch, Germany

“I was pleasantly surprised how the Delta worked in practice and what the benefits were personally for me. It was a magical synchronicity and an opening opportunity for many realizations. This was one of the strongest team experiences for me till now.”

Margarita Tsvetkova, Bulgaria


“A new model of heroism, one which arises from unity and communion with each other, nature and all of existence, is essential for navigating the acceleration of inevitable change and respective challenges we’re facing as a collective organism. The structure, circuitry and flow of the Delta experience is an answer to this call.”

Cyndi Silva, United States


The Delta has been profoundly important to me. It was transformative in a way that I imagined, and it also went way beyond my imagination.  Simultaneously and so synchronistically, the Dream Arc gifted me with an ongoing powerful imbuing of Otter (the 46GK) through an otter family for many weeks, that tied into both the deepest personal internal and also collective work of the Delta in a most magical way. In other words, I highly recommend being open to all the possible gifts from the Higher Realms that might be there for the noticing, while one is participating in the Delta. It definitely was an upgrade in consciousness, in my capacity to love, to be transcended beyond my own individual ego, and experience the beauty and extraordinary nature of collective humanity together. I highly recommend for all GKs travelers, especially all Ambassadors.”

Pam DeLeo, United States

“I have pretty much turned my life upside down, burned all my bridges behind me, left my community, job, home and friends to take a Leap of Faith into the unknown. I directly associate the courage and the inner Faith to take a step this big to the Delta, although life is never that simple. I made my decision during my 3rd round in the Delta, it gradually emerged as a profound embodied sense of clear and pure knowing, and I felt a profound sense of inner and outer support that made me go ahead.

In terms of my team I clearly noticed how we got closer, we got a much deeper understanding of each other and of how we worked as a team, we were also able to recognise each other’s strengths and weaknesses much more clearly. I think that for me personally it really helped me to see my team members beyond the personalities, to see the beauty, love and brightly shining light in each one, which helped develop more compassion and ease around any experienced personality differences, and to recognise how well we complemented each other as a whole.”

Pia Mark, Denmark