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The Delta Program

A Luminous Game of Higher Consciousness
Welcome to the Delta, an incredible new experiment that challenges human beings to take our next great evolutionary step – into the full flowering of collective consciousness. Imagine a game that you play within your life, that accelerates your evolution, that touches the essence of your soul, leaving you stronger, wiser and with a whole new vision for what’s possible in our world…
Each round of the Delta Program is a 7 week journey. To begin, sign up for round 1 below. After completing your first Delta, you will be eligible to sign up for subsequent journeys.
The Delta is a game that brings together groups of seven people over seven weeks, inviting them into a transformational process that is spontaneous, mysterious and potentially transcendent. It is no coincidence that music, time and light are all ruled and measured by the number Seven – the seven notes of the octave, the seven days of the week and the seven colours of the visible spectrum. The great sages of the past also speak of the seven dimensions of the human being, known as the seven chakras or seven subtle bodies.

The Delta Program is a dance of time, music and light using the seven subtle bodies of seven players over the course of seven days and seven weeks. The inner reality is all that exists. Our outer lives are simply reflections of our internal processes – our actions and behaviour are determined by the quality of our thoughts and feelings. The Delta makes this truth tangible and real for each of us.
For seven weeks you will go about your life just as you have always done, but while you are playing this game it will become apparent that something is very different. Harnessing the power of collective contemplation on a higher goal, the Delta will begin to reshape your inner world in ways you cannot yet imagine. Participants report breakthroughs across many different areas – from tangible improvements on the physical plane to emotional resolutions of long-term issues, to expanded states of higher consciousness.
The Delta is an advanced gift from another realm beyond our current evolution. It is both a personal healing tool, and a game we need to learn to play increasingly as a species. It brings another dimension into our daily lives without displacing our many physical and emotional commitments. Whatever doors the Delta opens for you, you have absolutely nothing to lose by playing – except of course, the fear of your own vastness…

Delta Introductory Webinar

Check out the replay of our Live Introductory Webinar for more information and testimonials by the Delta Team. This webinar was recorded live on January 6th 2019 featuring Richard Rudd, Pia Mark, and panelists from the beta-wave of the Delta.

“I was pleasantly surprised how the Delta worked in practice and what the benefits were personally for me. It was a magical synchronicity and an opening opportunity for many realizations. This was one of the strongest team experiences for me till now.”

             ~Margarita Tsvetkova, Bulgaria

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The 7 Week Delta Experience

The Delta represents a kind of cosmic musical dance, which can be enacted on the physical plane by seven players. By joining the Delta you can connect with six other participants, either in person or online, to begin the Dance of the Delta. These groups can either be self-organised or focalised by one of the Delta Focalisers. In addition, the Delta experience includes access to the Delta Teachings, helpful PDF resources, and Attunement Audio Transmissions. Please review the Frequently Asked Questions below to understand how the Delta works over the course of the 7 week process. 

It’s a game involving seven players and a seven-step dance that focuses on seven levels of sound vibration linked to seven energy centres of the body. The Delta exists to support the evolution of consciousness and alter the future for individuals, groups and the collective, through alignment to a higher stage in our evolution. It can bring health and prosperity into all levels of life through gentle dissolution of the tensions that keep us bound by fear and isolation.

Here are the steps for a single Delta:

1) Seven players join a Delta team and participate together in a carefully choreographed dance over a seven week period.

2) Each team member’s initial position is allocated through a process of random selection.

3) Each week thereafter players meet to share their personal experience of occupying their position. At the end of the meeting, each player then moves into a new position according to a carefully choreographed pattern. For example:

The Player in Position Number 1 during the previous week always moves on to Position Number 2! The Player in Position Number 2 always moves on to Position Number 6!

4) During the life of the Delta, all members will occupy each of the seven positions for one week. Each position combines a particular focus for the week with an accompanying theme for contemplation. For example a Delta member in Position 3 will focus on the domain of the emotions and on building personal power. S/he will listen to the audio for Gene Key 6 with the theme of its Siddhi of Peace and will also, we suggest, read and contemplate the chapter on Gene Key 6 in the Gene Keys book.

5) For six of the seven weeks, members will have a partner who holds a balancing focus to their own position. In the previous example of Position 3, the partner is in Position 5, for which the theme is Selflessness. This is all about giving, in counterpoint to the personal power of Position 3. The only position without a partner is Position 1. As the ‘head of table’ a member occupying Position 1 invites a combined focus of attention from all other players during their one week in the Delta spotlight, which includes a unique honouring and commitment to clear karma on behalf of Player 1.

6) Members are asked to hold their weekly partner in their daily awareness and connect with them at least once online or in person during the week, typically towards the end. Partners listen deeply and without judgment to each other, as each reflects on and shares their personal experience.

7) A similar pattern of bearing silent witness and deep listening, without comment or judgment, is invited of the whole team, when it meets together weekly. Thus individual sharing becomes part of a collective experience. All Deltas have a unique and dedicated forum space online on the Gene Keys Society website, where they can share their reflections.

Seven full weeks are needed to complete all the movements of the dance, this includes a meeting at the very beginning and a meeting at the very end of the 7 weeks, so 8 meetings in total. Delta players may also add an initial pre-Delta logistics meeting to organise themselves, before adopting positions and beginning the game. They may also meet in a post Delta review to decide if and how they may wish to play again.

If in a focalised team it will be 9 meetings, as there will be a completion and review meeting scheduled after the completion of the 7 week journey.

While the Delta grounds through individual awakening, its essence lies in its greater capacity for small group and collective awakening, through deep listening and sharing. We’ve tested the Delta in different cultures, face-to-face and online, and feedback always reveals that group meetings are an essential weave of the Delta fabric.

We strongly encourage you to meet once a week during all seven weeks of your Delta dance, as a full Delta team. You can meet physically if you live near each other, or online if you are not within physical contact range. Based on previous Deltas, we suggest an hour as a minimum weekly meeting time and an hour and a half is recommended. This gives comfortable and relaxed time together to check in and address any logistical issues and attune to each other. It gives each member a chance to ‘pick up the talking stick’ and share their personal experience of the week just passed. At the end of the meeting all players ‘move’ from the position they have previously held into the one that they will occupy for the following week.

Commitment is to the Delta as well as to oneself. The Delta is meant to be danced as a part of the flow of everyday life. Yet allowing a disciplined level of attention to the particular focus and study materials provided each week is important, to enable individuals and teams to realise higher levels of awareness, healing and karmic clearing.

It’s important to consider your time and availability for Delta before signing up. You will be making a commitment to your team as well as to yourself.

After extensive testing, we recommend the following:

1) Find personal time to listen to one Gene Key audio per week plus read and contemplate the relevant chapter in the Gene Keys book. Make time each day for personal contemplation about the messages of the key and the ‘dance position’ you’re in for the week. Notice as you go about your activities where the Delta is illuminating patterns and events in your daily life.

2) Meet online or face-to-face with your group once a week for seven weeks, on an agreed day and time, except for the last week where you will also meet at the very end of your journey for a final completion meeting. This means eight meetings all together over the course of the seven weeks. We highly recommend a meeting time of 90 minutes, and one hour as an absolute minimum.

It is important to consider this before signing up as you’ll be making a commitment to the whole team, and it has a noticeable impact on everyone as well as the collective if one person can’t make it for all the team meetings. If you are not ready to make this commitment at present, it would be better to wait till you can free up the time to commit fully.

3) Connect with your partner at least once during six of the seven weeks. Just as our beta testing has revealed the importance of weekly team meetings, we hear consistently from Delta participants that connecting with their partner (who changes each week) acts as a discipline and a vital support in deepening, what might otherwise be a solitary personal learning experience. Individual contemplation, partner connection and team sharing influence one another holographically.

4) As well as these eight meetings of the seven week Delta, we strongly recommend spending some time at the beginning of your first meeting for the team to assemble and agree on ground rules and confidentiality contracts.

5) Our test groups have demonstrated the value of a post Delta meeting to review and reflect on the experience.

Like many games, you need to be willing to jump in and immerse yourself in the Delta experience to understand and benefit from it. Readiness to commit to the journey is essential. Understanding the subtle processes and immense power of the Delta will dawn gradually, once you commit to join the dance and begin to experience and embody its frequencies.

We suggest you watch our introductory webinar and read the home page and FAQs here. Then, contemplate quietly, listening for your own inner response. If Delta participation resonates with you, your intuition will guide you to a ‘yes’. Trust yourself to know whether this is right for you at present! You may know instantly or need to take your time. There is no rush to decide and sign up. If you miss the first round, there will be other Delta opportunities. If your inner voice says ‘no’ or ‘wait’, trust that too!

Our experience is that the Delta gently yet insistently helps people to know themselves more deeply and to better understand their effect upon others in relationship. Through such self-knowledge, the Delta can usher fulfilment and prosperity into your life. There is a subtle magic in the Delta process which goes far beyond the personal. You will find yourself both supporting and supported by a collective raising of consciousness.

Richard Rudd says of the Delta: “Make no mistake; by playing this game, you are altering your own future! You are aligning yourself to a higher stage in your own evolution, which can only bring you increased health and wealth at all levels of your life.”

Listen in the introductory webinar to testimonials of those who have participated in the Delta, to gain a flavour of what may be ahead for you.

Is the Delta suitable for me? It is suitable for anyone whose intuition says ‘yes’ to this question and who is also ready to join and become fully committed to a small team and collective process. That said if you’re in a particularly vulnerable or pressured place in your life, it might be wiser to wait till you feel more stable before committing to the Delta.

Yes. If you wish, you can nominate six other players to play as an intact Delta team when you sign up. If all six are willing and eager to play, they must also sign up and pay individually. Once all are signed up, the Delta coordinator can complete the logistics needed to set up the dance and get you all started.

Alternatively you may ask to play with one or more known individual/s who are also signing up, if you would like to be in the same Delta as them. The coordinator will seek to honour all Delta requests, after sign-up, consistent with the time zones in which players live.

A third option is that you sign up and trust in the transmission to find you exactly the six people, even perhaps complete strangers in other countries, who will prove in some way to be perfect for your Delta dance.

The Delta coordinator is always just an email away and ready to help. If needed a support team member can come in to support the group. In case of personal issues erupting for a particular player, an experienced support team member can be called on to offer individualised support.

The Diatonic Table is a beautiful summary and reference document that reminds you of the overall structure underpinning the Delta. It enables you to keep track of a number of related elements concerning each position, as well as revealing how these elements are linked and interrelated.

Each Delta position embodies a particular ray, a musical note and a body chakra. Each position also has a specific Gene Key for guidance and contemplation focused on its higher frequency. The life focus for each Delta position is about how it’s relating to the respective plane of reality. For example, Position 1 is concerned with the material plane, its musical note is D, it deals with the root chakra and its life focus is purification of the mundane.

The order of movement can be seen in the Diatonic Table. If we begin with the person in position 1 to the left then that person is 1st in order. The person in position 1 moves to position 2, so is 2nd in order, who then moves to position 6. So looking at position 6 on the left, which is where 2 goes, it does correctly say 3rd on the right hand side, which means 3rd position in order of movement within the Delta, and so on…

As for the notes these are as mentioned musical notes. Imagine that each person in each position at any given time in the Delta is a string on a harp being played by a higher consciousness within the Delta, and the musical notes are the corresponding notes being played.

We encourage Delta players to play the game at least three times. While individual and collective karma may be transmuted at any stage and in any round, there is a natural, organic progression in focus from inner to outer. Thus the first Delta tends to be focused on personal healing, the second on the Delta itself and the third on raising frequencies in the wider collective.

When signing up, you may choose whether you prefer to be in a team supported by an experienced Delta focaliser or in a self–organised team, in which case you’ll be joining a team, where some team members will have already experienced at least one round in the Delta.  Once you have signed up and paid, you will receive a full pack of detailed instructions, including access to your online private Delta forum (which is exclusive to you and your six other players), plus full access to all materials needed for the dance. If you have questions, the Delta coordinator will be on hand to respond by email. If you have opted for a focalised team, your first meeting will be arranged by your focaliser, and you will also meet with them again at the end of your game to review if and when you wish to play another round in the Delta.

If somebody in a team drops out, you can start over with a new player. If this happens the Delta coordinator will do their best to find a new player to join your team as soon as possible, and you can start over without any additional cost. This scenario is one of the reasons it’s so important that you consider carefully if you’re ready to make a full commitment before joining the Delta, as it obviously has an impact on and inconveniences not only the person who drops out, but the whole team.

The contract and commitment each of us makes to the Delta is primarily at an individual soul level. We encourage any couple or ex-couple, who are wondering whether to join the same or different Deltas to contemplate carefully, both separately and together, before making your decision.

Your relationship inevitably becomes part of the dynamic of the Delta team collective field. As such, it may both affect and be affected by internal Delta dynamics. If either of you feels unsure or resistant to opening up to the high frequency level of relationship transparency that is possible from you participating in the same Delta, it may be wiser to join separately.

If you do join as a couple, as a courtesy to your fellow team members, please be open and transparent about your relationship during initial introductions

It can happen that somebody makes a “mistake” and contemplates the wrong position/Gene Key, although everything happens for a reason. In this case we suggest that everyone repeats that particular week. Each person is holding the awareness of each position each week in a carefully orchestrated dance, and one person being out of sync for part of or a whole week will have an effect on the overall flow of the dance. This will create an imbalance that can be rectified by everyone repeating the week. Remember everything that happens in the Delta is part of everyone’s experience.

Online meetings can seem strange, until you get familiar with them, yet more and more people are using online connection to connect with family and friends globally. In the Gene Keys Society, we use a simple ‘Zoom’ meeting room technology, to bring people together across language and national boundaries.

You can sign up online for a free Zoom account today and test it. Perhaps you can ask a family member, a buddy or small group of friends to experiment with you? For a Gene Keys group online experience before signing up, you might also like to try out our free, weekly Society welcome call at

You’ll find a friendly welcome and people ready to help you ‘learn the ropes’ with Zoom. With practice, online meetings can be fun and a great learning tool, as well as a way to make new friends around the world.

When using a private free Zoom account, you can hold group meetings of up to 40 min. Each person would in that case simply need to redial after 40 min. Other useful options are Google Hang Out or Skype.

Yes, indeed! The Delta experience exists in its own right, and with seven associated Gene Keys for contemplation. It will certainly enrich and reinforce any experience with the Golden Path, and it can also serve as a gentle introduction to a deeper Gene Keys contemplative journey. If you feel strongly called to the Delta, trust this, and start from wherever you are.

We have many different mother language speakers in our community. Our early Deltas will be conducted mainly in English and so it will be difficult for you to participate fully. Our vision is for the Delta to extend out across the world and into many languages over time. Do feel free to write to us and tell us of your interest. If a group can be held in your own tongue, we will put you in contact with our mother language partner.

The cost for the Delta is $100 per player for the first Delta round of seven weeks, for the second and third round the fee is $50.  The option to be in a focalised team is only available for the first round, subsequent rounds will be self-organised. We encourage Deltas to continue, if possible with members remaining in the team in which they began their first dance, for at least three rounds. After three Delta rounds, players become eligible to join the Delta Fellowship as full members. Thereafter, players may play in a Delta as often as they like by donation.

If you are an Ambassador and after three rounds feel inspired to become a Delta focaliser, please contact for more information.

Go to and follow the instructions to sign up and pay.

If you continue as an intact team for the 2nd and 3rd round, then it is our experience that it can be invaluable to continue in the same starting position as your previous round. This offers you the opportunity to heal and transmute the underlying individual life theme on a very deep level, and you will basically continue from where you completed each time.

If on the other hand you join a new team for your 2nd or 3rd round you will be randomly assigned a new starting position, since this will be a completely new team with new players. This is the case even if some of you may have done the previous round in the same team.

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