International Exchange Feedback

International Exchange

In the spring of 2015, Richard Rudd invited the Gene Keys community to participate with him in an experiment, by engaging consciously in the economic principle of Syntropy to fertilise the roots of our synarchy. And so was born an exchange through which community members who could afford it donated to enable less financially fortunate members from different countries to attend a Seven Sacred Seals retreat on a grace-filled island in British Columbia.

Richard commented: “Half the joy of giving is to see the joy and the empowerment that you’ve created through your giving. So it will be up to the receiver whether they choose to thank the community and how they do that, publicly or privately.”

Since then, the community has continued to nourish itself by fostering international exchange in other Gene Keys gatherings in Romania and Scotland. Here is feedback from some who have been generous enough to give up their anonymity to share their personal stories publicly with the community. Read and enjoy their testimonials.

Elitsa – From Bulgaria to Canada

This act of generosity that I have received was a real quantum leap in my life. It had given me so much happiness, I felt such a deep gratitude for all the people who made this happen and also it brought to me a lot of hope for the world. It showed me that there is grace, there is love, there is unconditional giving and it reinforced my belief that everything is possible and miracles can happen. Being able to fly to Canada and meet the whole Gene Keys family and being a part of the sacred event, where I could see the Synarchy and the love among the people, empowered me to go on with my mission of bringing the Gene Keys to Bulgaria with even stronger dedication. Being in the aura of so many people dedicated to the Gene Keys, people who are truly opening their hearts and sharing their genius, has left such a deep mark in my soul. I came home with a heart wide opened. I came home ready to work and dedicate my life to the mission of bringing this light to the people of my country.

I have sent many times my blessings to the people who donated I am sure that their act of generosity will be paid back, because this is the law of life – if you give, you shall receive. Having a 54 and 53 as my prime gifts my whole life has been revolving around the matter of giving and receiving. When I was a child everybody was worried about me because I was giving everything I had away. If they would give me some money I would immediately give them away to my friends and even to strangers/old people. If I had food I would give it to the animals and people that do not have. I remember how my grandmother was telling me: If you have – keep it to yourself you should not give things away. I was really confused by the reaction of my family. I felt the freedom and the superabundance of life I knew that every moment life gives me exactly what I need and I can never have a lack.

As I grew older, as a student I started feeling that I didn’t want to give things away any more. Every time somebody would ask something of me I would feel this uncomfortable contraction in my chest. I wanted to make the feeling go away but didn’t know how. Years passed and my life was really stuck. The moment I met the Gene Keys and they reminded me of the sacred giving was the moment I started giving and opening again and my life started floating and expanding beyond my expectations and the most amazing things have happened to me. I have been invited to Canada, I visited Romania, Australia, won a scholarship in IHDS. And I am very aware all the abundance I attracted to my life was not a pure luck. It was a result of my constant dedication to give whatever I can for the betterment of the others.

(Elitsa gives back constantly and abundantly to the community which has supported her – she volunteers on the Society Welcome Team and also serves on the Scholarship Team. As one who has received scholarships, Elitsa knows and empathises with the challenges that exchange applicants experience)

Katalin – From Hungary to Scotland

I had twice the opportunity to participate in international Gene Keys events with the support of the Gene Keys community, and I am very grateful for that. Both were life changing experiences for me that brought significant internal and external changes, improvements into my life.

Without the financial support of the community I could not have paid for the travel, the conference fees and all the other expenses, and would have missed the encounters, the inspiration and the immersion in the community and the Gene Keys energy field. All this strengthened my resolve and my ability to serve (40th and 37th Gene Keys, my Life’s work and Evolution) to translate the book into Hungarian and bring it to the point of being published. This will be our present for Christmas 2016! 

So yes, I am very grateful to all those who contributed with money, and also those who gave their time and work, and held the vision for the Synarchy being born through us and for us. Asking for and receiving support has not been generally easy (for me), but this process felt safe and transparent throughout. Thank you all! Much love, Katalin Nagy (Hungary)

(Katalin Nagy now puts her international exchange experiences to work in service to the Society, as coordinator of the Multilingual Matters team which in January 2018 had 18 members and represented 12 languages) 

Zia – From Canada to Scotland

From May 28th to May 31st, 2016, I had the honour of attending the Pearl of Prosperity Gene Keys Retreat at the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland. Attendees were from all over the world – people from different cultures and backgrounds, yet each of us sharing the common consciousness that the Gene Keys tends to attract and engender. Although I was meeting new people from other countries, it felt like I’d always known them. I was reuniting with old friends, family, kindred souls. There was such a sense of instant unity and communion that I quickly forgot where I was and where others had come from.  

Yet, Findhorn was key to this because it provided us with a sacred space where we could safely step out of time and place. Its energy, enhanced through years of sacred intent and ceremony, amplified through our own group energy, held us gently throughout the duration of the retreat. I particularly adored walking the grounds at Cluny House where I was staying, with its magical pond, trees, and gardens. Although sleeping in a room with four others was totally out of my comfort zone at first, I grew to cherish it. One aspect of Findhorn that made the greatest impression on me was its approach to growing, preparing, and sharing the nourishment of the land through our common meals. I could literally feel, taste, and savour the love that went into every bite. It was a pleasure to serve on KP duty, as each of us was asked to do during our stay. Each clean-up session began with a circle to focus the energy and set the intention for work with an open heart. When one undertakes a retreat as deeply-transformative as the Gene Keys, it is so important to feel nourished and cared for throughout the process and to have opportunities to care for others, as well. I felt this was so beautifully modeled at Findhorn.  

Although we didn’t know it until the retreat began, what was supposed to be the Pearl of Prosperity had recently evolved into the Star Pearl – a much higher frequency of the retreat’s original blueprint. We were in for quite a surprise – or, were we?  We’d heard the call months before and responded accordingly. We’d made it – some of us by the skin of our teeth – to be here for this moment in time, because, on some level, we’d felt its great significance. As I began to fully realize the enormity of the occasion, I felt even more grateful. It was an honour and such a singular experience to be here for this grand experiment – called to partake in something far greater than we could imagine, something so much bigger than all of us – the planting of star seeds that are still germinating, gestating, percolating in our lives and rippling out into the world around us.

Looking around me, realizing the gravity of each individual’s presence, each with a unique genetic imprint that no one else in the group had, each person a secret ingredient in the primordial broth from which the Star Pearl would spring forth, I felt humbled. I wanted to know where each person was from, where in the world these seeds would be planted, where in the world they would one day flourish. But I knew it all began with my own contribution. My personal experience of the Star Pearl retreat began with a great deal of pain – back pain from long hours of travel, or so it seemed. I was having trouble sitting for extended periods on the first day. With a double 60 – Life’s Work and IQ – what soon became apparent was the dissolution of old forms and structures – a limited shadow Merkaba crumbling to make room for the expansive Star Pearl architecture. When working it out with my dialogue partner, who seemed divinely-matched, I said I felt like a hermit crab who’d outgrown its old shell and had not yet found a new one. And as I looked around me, it seemed the whole world was in that in-between place – boneless and fluid and vulnerable, yet full of unlimited possibility. This theme was echoed when my sacral crystal bowl shattered a few days after the retreat, at Fingal’s Cave in the Hebrides. It felt like the Cracking of the Vessel, and that all of the old structures of the world had shattered to make room for the new ones.

Returning home, those of us from Victoria BC who had attended the retreat gathered with our community for a “Communion” ceremony on Summer Solstice, where we finished by anchoring the energies from the Star Pearl into our local landscape. Each of us had brought back treasures from our journey that we planted deep within the earth. The six of us from Victoria who’d gone to Findhorn agreed to meet regularly to continue exploring the Star Pearl as it unfolds in our lives, and this mutual support has been invaluable. Creative projects have sprouted up between us that have resulted in unexpected forms of abundance, and we are excited about the months and years to come.

Since the retreat, I have felt called to focus on the barest of all essentials, particularly in my Stability and Culture, and I feel like I’m slowly building my new foundation. Inspired by the food cultivation and preparation at Findhorn, and all of the love that goes into it, my diet has been changing as I focus more on my body’s needs for nourishment. After experiencing the deep, spontaneous connection of international soul family, I’ve felt inspired to reach out to my own birth family in a whole new way. I visited my family on the East Coast of Canada last summer and went to see my sister in Missouri for her birthday just a few weeks ago, reconnecting with our roots and nurturing blood ties that only our birth families can provide. I have a whole new appreciation for family of all kinds.

Mostly right now, I still feel I’m in embryo stages, wishing to nourish myself and cocoon for the winter, simply digging my roots in deep. Then we’ll see what is birthed in the spring. Meanwhile, my understanding of prosperity and abundance has expanded greatly. I feel it in the sun and the rain, see it in the tiniest gestures, communications, synchronicities. I have become even more grateful for everything that comes my way, however big or small, however positive or seemingly negative; I understand it to be a blessing and a gift.

For me, this experience was the greatest highlight of 2016. It has not been an easy year for many, and the Star Pearl seemed to prelude a number of world-wide earth-shattering events – in many ways, preparing us for them. As with the Seven Sacred Seals, the timing has been divine, and, as we step forward, it is clear that all we need do is hold our shadows close while holding those around us to their highest frequency. Everywhere we look now, we can see so many brilliant and beautiful individuals gathering together to do what’s necessary for personal, collective, and planetary evolution. It is heartening, inspiring, and truly exhilarating to know one is far from being alone in the Great Change as it unfolds. That which we’d always known would happen is now really happening, and we are exactly where we need to be.


(Zia is now an active host and sacred space holder at Gene Keys events in British Columbia. In mid-2017, she joined an international facilitation team to open the Society’s inaugural gathering in Victoria.) 

Maureen Momo Freehill – International Exchange: Embodying Engagement with Gene Keys Family 

Our Voyage with the Gene Keys is profoundly felt and enacted through the physical body as well as the natural and cultural landscapes where we dwell. These landscapes contain profound messages for those who care to listen.

This blessing profoundly develops our intimacy, mutual inspiration and wisdom. As much as we may love our virtual connections, they are nothing like the alchemical magic of being together physically.


Physical communion builds a core dream to live, love, laugh and learn day to day with beloveds who share this Path. It is a chance to directly exchange precious gifts and insights we’ve discovered about navigating the Path both verbally and beyond words. The most essential way I have found for contemplating Gene Keys is with body movement and voice, voyaging through natural and cultural landscapes and other day-to-day embodying activities.

Some call us a “tribe” or “fractal family.” Whatever it is, my body and soul know it feels at home when we’re together. Am I crazy? When we are apart, my heart is called to be together with you all again. I think they call that being in LOVE. 😉 And this LOVE is what draws us to create and contribute to the funding that brings us together, first on line and then in person. It is what draws me to facilitate Gene Keys Voyagers Facebook group and Membership Hub for our Gene Keys Society.

( Momo is a passionate advocate of international exchange. She has been administering a Gene Keys Voyagers Facebook group as a service to community members since before the Society began. She is also the Membership Hub and Welcome Team lead link on the Society’s Core Team)

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