Integral Human Design

The Human Design System (HDS) describes the mechanics of the maya with amazing accuracy and strongly emphasizes individuality and uniqueness. It provides a calculation, which highlights specific codes from the language of life that are the cornerstones of your uniqueness. It also provides a bodygraph – a structured image of a human being, which displays these codes in a comprehensible and interrelated manner.

Its specific contribution to Integral Human Design and The Gene Keys lies in:

  • the relating of the I Ching to the movements of the cosmos through the hexagram wheel
  • the calculation which provides a database of the unique imprint from the time of birth
  • the placement of the data into the nine-centered bodygraph
  • its depth of mapping our specific inborn potentials through to the details of our cognitive architecture

The bodygraph shows the inner workings of our current bio-form with nine Centers, which are connected through seven Streams of Consciousness. In Integral Human Design the bodygraph integrates the 64 Gene Keys into a biological display which provides an accessible synopsis. The Bodygraph greatly facilitates seeing the connectedness and interrelatedness of our archetypal human attributes and their workings in our everyday experience.

Integral Human Design works with three different bodygraphs and corresponding frequency bands of the Gene Keys – Shadow, Potential and Essence, representing the human form as a changing quantum field.

Richard Rudd Webinar

“Gene Keys & Human Design”