Ibolya Beres

Ibolya Beres is a simple, joyful soul choosing to live each moment with a deep passion for the fascinating mystery hidden in human beings. She worked for 20 years in a corporate world and 8 years as a life coach and spiritual guide.

For Ibolya spirituality is a dimension which opened and enriched her life to a whole new level of experience.

Gene Keys re-united Ibolya with her soul family, in a community where it’s easy to BE, BE- come and Be-long. She learned to love people through self love. And the most important thing she learned is that it is safe to keep her heart open no matter what. That Fear is safe. That suffering is Grace. That Forgiveness is Freedom.

It’s a joy to serve from delight and the ease of her gifts. Ibolya feels honoured, blessed and deeply grateful for the opportunity to be part of this beautiful synarchy.

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