I Ching

“Each Hexagram or Gene Key is a portal to an encyclopedia of knowledge and insight about yourself and your place in the universe. Through sustained contemplation on the hexagrams, their structure and interdependence, you can raise the frequency of light moving through your DNA and experience life at a new level of awareness.”

The Glossary of Empowerment

At its heart, the I Ching is telling the Elemental Story of Returning to the Unity and Balance of the Tao. It is not a system to be understood solely with the mind, but lived fully through the human experience. Relaxing deeply into the current of natural wisdom, the Book of Changes describes the eternal dance of cycles occurring in our life. For thousands of years sages and mystics have used the binary code of this system to unlock deeper layers of profound wisdom. The Gene Keys Transmission breathes life into this ancient text, inviting each of us into a “Contemporary I Ching” for our generation.


The I Ching is an intricate expression of the fundamental patterns of the universe, based on the principles of yin (feminine) and yang (masculine) energy. This binary pattern forms 8 Elemental Trigrams, the Ba Gua. An Elemental Trigram expresses a specific primary energy.  A Hexagram is formed by combining two elemental trigrams, thus revealing the 64 possible combinations of yin and yang. Each Hexagram is a pictographic binary expression of two elements interacting with one another, the basis of all the phenomena of life.

“When used over time, the correct use of the I Ching is a spiritual path in itself. It will guide you to listen to your innate, silent, intuitive wisdom – your ‘Yi’ (the Water Eye) above and beyond your human desires and longings – your ‘Hsin’ (the Fire Eye). Unfortunately, our modern global lifestyle is so strongly developed around the Fire Eye, that even the I Ching has now mostly become another toy for that restless longing inside us. We no longer realise the level of commitment that the I Ching requires of its students. Like most sacred and magical texts, it has now been taken far away from its original context, and its true secrets lie for the most part lost to modern humans.

This is where the Gene Keys come into play. The Gene Keys are a contemporary adaptation of the I Ching and the Golden Path provides a structured and disciplined means of contemplation on the teachings themselves. The Golden Path allows you to take the Gene Keys deeply into your daily life. It is designed to be contemplated over a period of time so that you can absorb its insights and experience its transformational power.

The advantage of this form is that you do not have to change very much externally in your life. You adjust the teachings to your daily rhythms, rather than the other way around. As your contemplation deepens over time, the living wisdom within you begins to awaken at a new level, leading to unexpected changes and new vistas opening up before you. This is a process referred to as Self Illumination.”

From “A Contemporary I Ching” by Richard Rudd, introduction to the Golden Path

I Ching Attributes in the Living Library

The Elemental I Ching attributes represented on this website were written and/or compiled by Elijah Parker of OneDoorLandThe Ba Gua Poetry represents a three lined alchemical combination of the Gene Keys primary elements The Color Coding and Key Word descriptions are based on the Color Harmonic System by Adam Apollo of the Guardian AllianceEach Living Library entry also includes a Public Domain Translation Excerpt of the Original IChing.

Ba Gua Poetry

The Ba Gua are the primary 8 elemental trigrams of the Iching, and Taoist Alchemy: Heaven, Lake, Fire, Thunder, Wind, Water, Mountain, Earth. Each Gene Key in the Living Library is attributed with a Poetic Combination of these Ba Gua Elements. Experiment with the Spectrum of Freqeuncy for these primary eight gene keys and how they interrelate.

For Example:

Gene Key 59 – Wind Over Water

Transparency is the Clarity of Devotion

Intimacy is Intuitive Commitment

Dishonesty is the Unease of Half-Heartedness

The Harmonic I Ching Star

The color coded hexagrams and corresponding I Ching Merkaba is another tool of quickly accessing the energetic components that make up that key. The Upward Pointing Triangle is the top trigram, the heavenly or transpersonal aspect coming down to meet the Downward Pointing Triangle, the bottom trigram of the earthly personal aspect evolving upward. You can discover more about the Harmonic I Ching System through AdamApollo.net. We will continue to offer articles on deepening the connection between Gene Keys and the Color Harmonic System.

Purple Thunder – Realization

Blue Water – Communication

Green Mountain – Appreciation

Yellow Wind – Intention

Orange Lake – Elation

Red Fire – Passion

Black Yin – Receiving

White Yang – Creating

For Example:

Gene Key 6 Diplomacy – Heaven Over Water – Creating Communication
Gene Key 64 ImaginationFire Over WaterPassionate Communication