The Hall of Guilds

Welcome to the part of our website where we invite you to help co-create the Society’s Hall of Guilds! The ink has yet to dry on the blueprint for this ancient and modern virtual edifice. Society members are still contributing to its design and building plans.

The notion of Guilds of Excellence and Learning that serve the community in which they are founded is an ancient one. Here in the Gene Keys Society, we hold a vision of shared prosperity. Guilds will be collective vehicles through which we ground that vision in physical embodiment and practical service.

Our Gene Keys Guilds will be what Richard Rudd has described as ‘hubs of synchronicity’, in which members gather and coalesce around similar passions, to create artistic, educational and philanthropic projects, both within cultures in local communities and across national boundaries using virtual reality to connect.

Guild members can develop, enrich and share their Gene Keys understanding and wisdom, as they hone and apply their genius in specific domains of applied learning, creativity and practice. Yet a Guild will owe its existence to a purpose beyond itself and its members’ personal ambitions.

In essence, those inspired to come forward to create, join and lead a Guild will be hearing and responding to a call, which may have been seeded in humanity’s soil long ago, and patiently waiting for its time in the sun to arrive.

When Guilds form and take their place in the Hall of Guilds, they will become natural attractors for Gene Keys community members who are ready to step up with a light heart and a sense of adventure to apply their passion and creativity in serving with others to resolve some of our world’s pressing challenges.

View Richard’s video below to learn more about the Gene Keys concept of Guilds:



The Hall of Guilds will open in 2018, when the Society’s first Ambassador Program has completed and the Ambassador Circle opens. All Guilds will have at least one registered Ambassador. Discussions and preparations for Guild formation will be encouraged during the Ambassador Program and Society members may use our Forums to test community interest in their ideas for Guilds.

Visit the Groups Directory page to find Local Area & Virtual Gene Keys Groups

Interested in Starting a Guild?

Guilds can only be formed by Society Members and, except in exceptional circumstances, will have at least one covenanted Ambassador in its membership.