Generosity and Healing from the Inside Out

Dear Society Members and Friends

Generosity and Healing from the Inside Out

2018 has been a great year for Gene Keys and the Society! Together we:
  • Welcomed our First Gene Keys Ambassadors in a nine-month Virtual Initiation Retreat
  • Upgraded our Website and moved to Free Society Membership
  • Created a partnership with Rodrigo Nino that will enable the Assemblage’s new ‘Game of Life’, powered by Gene Keys, to bring the transmission right into the global mainstream.
As we approach the year end, we have great joy in sharing an inspiring video from Richard Rudd. He outlines new programs for early 2019 and highlights our increasing focus on Generosity to create a community of prosperity. Using Grail language, Richard explains, “The beating heart of Gene Keys is a vision of philanthropy”. He describes how we mutually feed our community torus of abundance: the Society gives without expectations, through our many scholarship programs and projects. It also receives gifts: from financial donations and also the selfless service and genius of our highly valued volunteers.
The Society team joins Richard in thanking all among us who have given in 2018. We invite our entire community to continue “to hold our own standard of generosity high”, in aspiring to be “one of the many organisms that brings back the ancient Gift Economy to this planet, so that it can heal itself from the inside out”.
Do please visit our Philanthropy Hub on the Society website to learn more about how members of our vibrant community can both GIVE and RECEIVE.

‘The Grail’ by Victoire Slakey – Giving Thanks Every Day

With Love,

From the Gene Keys Society

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