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October Issue

Vale et Salve: Farewell and Welcome!

During her 18 months in the roles of Media Coordinator and then Steward, Arihia Sun shone her light brightly on our Gene Keys Society scene. She quickly won the hearts of team peers and those many Gene Keys community members whom she served with such warmth and flair.

Working and playing with Arihia has also been constantly enlivened by the presence of her small son. We’ve been delighted to watch Honu grow from lively toddler into a three-year-old every bit as personable as his mother!

Arihia is stepping out of the Society Core Team to spend more time with Honu and develop her personal coaching business. We are so grateful for her Society service and anticipate with joy her continued presence and genius within the community.




Since May we have been fortunate to enjoy the dynamic presence of Costa Symeonidis in the role of Society Media Coordinator.

Costa first became a student of esoteric knowledge during a challenging time at the age of 21. When introduced to the Gene Keys in 2014, he felt its wisdom begin to work through him instantly, dropping old patterns and casting things in a new light. All his previous spiritual work started to integrate within this open system. Costa continues to contemplate and play with the Transmission, as he builds a vibrant Gene Keys media team presence within the Gene Keys Society and on social media.

Costa lives in Melbourne, Australia.




Meanwhile, our very experienced Systems and Customer Support Coordinator, Rielle Pelletier, has taken on other key aspects of Arihia’s role.
Rielle is a consultant, mentor and Well-Being Coach, teaching mindfulness and using Human Design and The Gene Keys. She invites people to embrace their wisdom, health, wealth, and abundance through self-love, empowerment and empowered relationships. Working with the Mirroring Principle and her Women’s Group further fulfills her heart’s desire. Her background includes the corporate world, energy healing and massage.
Rielle lives in the beautiful Colorado Mountains of the USA with her adored husband James and Felix, The Cat. She likes nature, dancing/music, cooking and loves relaxing into life, noticing and feeling into the deepest meaning moving through her at any given moment.
Rielle and the Society’s Customer Support team are available on weekdays, from Monday to Friday, to respond to members and customer enquiries at

Gene Keys Society  Survey July 2018: Check out the feedback!

Hi everyone! We’re here to thank the 333 (yes, 333, really!) Gene Keys community friends and Society members who responded to our summer survey invitation.
We also invite you to review the feedback and continue the dialogue with us. Here’s a link to a summary page of survey headlines:
And, if that snapshot view whets your appetite to learn more, we’re offering you an additional opportunity to skim and/or study the whole 50 pages of narrative feedback we received (yes, 50 pages, really!) here:
In a self-organising and omni-centric Gene Keys Society, we’re committed to keep dialogue alive and listen to all our community voices. Thanks to all who participate and love from the Survey Team.


We are pleased to announce the Pulse mail outs are back! If you wish to to subscribe please click here.


With the group going live a little under a month ago we have now (at the time of writing) over 1500 members!

Its purpose is to bring in as diverse a group of people as possible to discuss and explore any aspect of the Gene Keys teachings.

We are planning to start themes for contemplation each month (dates TBC soon).

Please click on the button below to use this group to share, to explore and to probe anything Gene Keys related.

With Love,

From the Gene Keys Society

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